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Spiciest Dish in Columbus, OH

Our first ever city series and our quest to find the “spiciest dish” in Columbus, OH

There are many restaurants and many spicy dishes in Ohio, but which is the spiciest? We did the hard work for you and tried all of the hottest dishes Columbus, OH has to offer (skip to map).

One note on the list, we’re going based off of standard menu items, or commonly known off menu items like Extra Holy at Hot Chicken Takeover or levels 4-7 at Fukuryu for their Red Dragon Ramen. Anyone can walk in and say “light me up fam!” so we’re trying to go with the dishes that are easy to obtain without having to ask for special spiciness (other than the known spicy levels). 

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Check back every week as we review another spicy dish for Fiery Friday. Below we have the spiciest dishes ranked by spiciest and how much they effected us. Those that are linked have been tried. Several items on the list came from r/Columbus on Reddit. For carryout or delivery during COVID, try our abridged list.

Spiciest Dish In Columbus

  1. Satori Ramen Bar: Shinigami Ramen aka “Reaper Madness” (Fall Only)
  2. Mikey’s Late Night Slice: Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage (Fall Only)
  3. Cazuelas: Mucho Macho Burrito
  4. The Filling Station: 911 Wings
  5. Atlas Tavern – Reaper Buffalo, Reaper BBQ wings
  6. OH Pizza & Brew: There Will Be Tears wings
  7. Winking Lizard – Pure Evil Wings (Limited in Jan/Feb Only)
  8. JTs Pizza & Pub: Stupid Hot Wings
  9. Fukuryu Ramen – Red Dragon Ramen, Level 4
  10. Intercontinental Restaurant: Warrior Platter
  11. Hoggy’s: Armondo’s XXXInferno Wings
  12. Woody’s Wing House: Diablo-Q
  13. Choripan Argentine Grill: Homemade Habanero Sauce
  14. Thurman’s Cafe: Extreme Wings (claim 183,000 BTU…whatever a BTU is (probably SHU))
  15. Winking Lizard: Hellfire Chili (Limited in Jan/Feb Only)
  16. Macs Proper pub: No-refund wing
  17. Hot Chicken Takeover: Heat Seeker’s Edition 4x Holy (Unholy)
  18. Winking Lizard: Fire In the Hole or Magma Wings
  19. Lucky’s Grille: Lucky’s Inferno Wings
  20. Quaker Steak and Lube: Triple Atomic Wings
  21. Aangan India Bistro: Level 6 Lamb Vindaloo
  22. Thai Grille: Extra Spicy Pad Kee Mao
  23. Afra Grill: Green Sauce
  24. Wing Snob: Hot AF Sauce
  25. Noodle Topia: Szechuan Noodles
  26. Drelyse: Peanut Butter Soup w/ Goat
  27. Tweeters: Devil’s Breath Wings
  28. GOGi: Spicy Chicken Stir Fry
  29. Bamboo Thai Kitchen: Extra Spicy Green Curry
  30. Kirin Noodle Bar: Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
  31. Bru Burger Bar: Melt Your Face Burger
  32. Siam Hibachi: Level 5 Green Curry
  33. Meshikou: Spicy Mala Ramen
  34. Woody’s Wing House: 5th Degree Wings
  35. Kai’s Crab Boil: OMG Heat Level
  36. The Crispy Coop: Nashville Hot
  37. Satori Ramen Bar: Kara Kapow!
  38. Xi Xia Western Chinese Cuisine: Dapanji Stirred Noodles
  39. Urban Meyer’s Pint House: “Hot” Hot Chicken
  40. Smokehouse Brewing: Gates of Hell
  41. Yellow Brick Pizza: Dante’s Inferno
  42. Nong’s Hunan Express: Extra Hot Hot Pepper / Extra Hot Sriracha Fried Rice
  43. Amul India – Level 6 Lamb Vindaloo
  44. Curry Up Indian Grill: Spiciest Bowl 
  45. Cuco’s Taqueria: Camarones a la Diabla / Salsa Roja
  46. Blarney Stone Tavern: 911 Wings
  47. Havana Mia: Hot Sauce
  48. Pho Chef: Spicy Filet Steak Rice Noodles
  49. The Rail: Bonfire Burger
  50. Borgata: Pineapple-Habanero BBQ Wings
  51. Roosters: Nu-Killer
  52. Helen’s Asian Kitchen: Stir-Fried Cauliflower
  53. Yats: Drunk Chicken
  54. Sushi Ten: Dynamite Roll
  55. Harvest Pizzeria: Spicy Yuma
  56. Old Skool: Habanero Wings / Chipotle Maple Aioli
  57. Melt Bar and Grilled: Voodoo Zombie Jerk Chicken (October only)
  58. Spicy Hop: Szechuan Minced Chicken (3-pepper rating)
  59. Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill: Nuclear Hot Sauce Wings
  60. Chile Verde Cafe: Green Chile Stew / Hot Salsa
  61. Condado Tacos: Dirty Sauce / Firecracker Shell
  62. The Crafty Pint: Ghost Pepper Bison Burger
  63. Flip Side: Chili Pepper Burger / Uncle Jimmy
  64. Firdous Express: Tunisian Chicken (ID required!)
  65. Melt Bar and Grilled: El Diablo Burger
  66. Kraft House No. 5: Habanero Mac & Cheese 
  67. El Vaquero: Pollo a la Diabla
  68. Crazzy Greek: Fire Feta Fries
  69. Siam Orchid: Crazy Noodles
  70. Borgata: Spicy Sausage Stuff Peppers

Current Spiciest in Columbus Map

We’ve Not Tried, But Assume

We’re unsure of the full order until we try them out, but we’ve taken a stab at ordering the rest.

  1. Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen: Pepper Shrimp
  2. Roadhouse Wings and Grill: ABG + Any Sauce
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings: Blazin’
  4. Granddad’s Pizza & Pub: Granddad’s Graveyard
  5. Smokehouse Brewing: Lucifer Sauce
  6. Chef Butcher’s Creole Kitchen: Spice Level 5
  7. Squeeks’ Bar and Grill: Bubba Sauce
  8. Min-Ga: Spicy Squid or Gamjatang
  9. Feed Me Sandwich Kings: Dragon’s Breathe Sauce
  10. Himalayan Grill: Biryani (h/t EshinX)
  11. Matt and Tony’s: Habanero Spiced Chicken Sandwich
  12. Flavor 91: Ethiopian Dry Rub Wings / Jalapeño Poppers
  13. Newfangled Kitchen: Lucifer’s Hammer (via @614now)
  14. Bahn Thai: Tiger Cry
  15. The Cheesy Truck: BOOMstick
  16. Barley’s Brewing: Diabla Wings
  17. Tiger + Lily: Mala Firecracker
  18. Balboa: Tinga Reaper Taco
  19. New Taj Mahal: Extra Hot Curry
  20. Iguanas Fresh Mexican Grill: Tacos Diablo
  21. Bangkok Thai
  22. Nada: Habanero “Kreeper” Salsa
  23. Nazareth Restaurant and Deli: Spicy Chicken on Rice / Spicy Chicken Shawarma
  24. Rishi Sushi: Spicy Korean Chicken
  25. Lemongrass: Devil’s Breathe Roll
  26. Fortune Chinese: Sliced Beef in Fresh Hot Pepper / Sesame Noodle / Hunan Chicken
  27. Two Fatt Indians: Something Level 6
  28. Signatures: Pyro Sauce
  29. Nida’s: Thai Spicy Chicken Fried Rice
  30. Amato’s Woodfired Pizza: Cherry Bomb Pizza
  31. Ampersand Asian Supper Club: Spicy Shoyu
  32. Aab: Chicken Vindaloo
  33. LaGlory’s Soulfood Cafe: Sriracha Wing Meal
  34. Adobe Gilas: Spicy Beef Mac and Cheese / Habanero Chipotle Salsa
  35. Average Joes: Volcano Joe’s Wings
  36. Standard Hall: Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza
  37. Namaste Nepali Restaurant: Chili Paneer / Chili Momo
  38. Hyderabadhouse: Monagadu Kodi Vepadu
  39. Dosa Corner: Rasam Wada / Spinach Masala Dosa / Onion & Chili Uthappam / Aloo Parata / Bisibelabath
  40. Ava’s Taste of the C: BBQ Jerk Chicken Bowl
  41. Godavari: Gobi 65 / Rayalaseema Kodi Vepudu
  42. 868 Shabu Shabu: Spicy Stinky Tofu
  43. Neehee’s: Bhel Puri / Gunpowder Chutney
  44. Mr Pot: Spicy broth
  45. Fetty’s Street Food: Crispy Panaeng Chicken
  46. Angry Wiener: Angry Wiener / Fiery Fido
  47. Flatiron Tavern: Firehouse Chicken Sandwich
  48. Miller’s Ale House: 5 Pepper Fire / Mt. St. Helen’s Sauces
  49. Rude Dog Bar & Grill: Hot wings
  50. Greek Star: Spicy Gyro on Rice
  51. Curry and Hurry:
  52. Jiu Thai: Biang Biang Noodle
  53. BrewDog: Spicy Meaty Pizza (h/t Rocoto Rachel)
  54. Yabo’s Tacos: Ghost Pepper Sauce
  55. Way Down Yonder: Louisiana Craw-Fish Etoufee / Hot & Spicy BBQ Wings
  56. Little Palace: Soppressata Picante Pizza
  57. Brazenhead: Rippin’ Hot Chicken Wings
  58. Wing’s Restaurant: Lots of things / Spicy Noodles / General Tso’s / Sichuan Combo
  59. 3 Brother’s Diner: Southwest Omelet
  60. Rockmill Tavern: Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  61. ‍Hounddog’s Three Degree Pizza: Hot Mama
  62. Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace: Dog From Hell
  63. The Old Mohawk: Hot Brat Sliders
  64. Massey’s: Spicy Chorizo Fajita
  65. Olde Towne Tavern: Spicy Veggie Chili / Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese
  66. Pint Room: Five Alarm Burger
  67. Bowzers: El Gato Gordo
  68. Bodega: Sriracha Buffalo Dip
  69. Laguna: Lagunadas
  70. Jeni’s: Queen City Cayenne
  71. Mardi Gras
  72. Strongwater: Nashville Hot Chicken / Grilled Street Corn
  73. Momo ghar
  74. Cardo’s Pizza: High Voltage
  75. Villa Nova Ristorante: Boom Boom Shrimp
  76. Yao’s Chinese Bistro: Garlic Jalapeño Chicken

If you’ve got other recommendations, let us know on Instagram, Facebook or via our contact page.

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