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Harvest Pizzeria – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Not on a bagel, but a pizza you can eat any time…

We were a bit nervous to try a pizza again after what Mikey’s Late Night Slice had done to us, but Harvest is a pizza oasis comparatively. With 6 locations (5 in Columbus, 1 in Southwest Columbus aka Cincinnati) we stopped by the Dublin location to see if the Spicy Yuma would have our tongues buying a one way ticket to pain town.

Harvest Pizzeria is known for their locally sourced ingredients, their motto “Local Tastes Better,” and their tasty pizzas. We tend to head here with the in-laws of the farm because the service is reliable, the cocktails are great, and the pizzas are sized so that you don’t feel like garbage if you eat an entire pie. On previous trips we’ve had the Meatballs, the Buffalo Cauliflower, and several of their sandwiches, all of which have been awesome. Same goes for the pizzas. We’ve tried a majority of them at this point and if their specialty pizzas aren’t your thing, you can always create your own.

This particular trip we were eyeing the spiciest pizza on the menu, the Spicy Yuma, but got distracted by their special, a Short Rib Poutine.

short rib poutine at harvest pizzeria by fartley farms

Hard-pressed to find something better than poutine.

Fries cooked just right covered in tender short rib bits, brown gravy and fried cheese curds. Poutine purists may turn their nose up at this because the cheese curds are fried, but this is one of the few poutines in town that had enough gravy to get you to the end. If you put fries on a plate, with just about anything on top, we’re going to eat it. Could be a full meal for one, but a great appetizer between two people. We’re unsure of when this appears as a special, so unfortunately this may just be a major tease.

Before we get to the main event, we had to give a shoutout to their cocktail crew. With fall upon us, there are new seasonal cocktails at most of the Harvest locations. At the Dublin location we got a Shishito Swizzle, made with shishito peppers and tropical liqueurs, and a dope little giraffe stirring stick. Not really spicy (since the shishito itself is not) but a refreshing tropical drink like an adult Ecto Cooler. They do have a habanero margarita on the menu as well, but we weren’t looking to get too crazy.

cocktails at harvest pizzeria by fartley farms

The lady of the farm snagged a s’mores drink, with bold marshmallow flavor.

Okay, enough teasing. What is the spiciest pizza on this menu? Hands down, it has to be the Spicy Yuma. Sporting a gouda/havarti cheese blend, chorizo, jalapeños, corn, roasted red pepper and a chipotle-spiked tomato sauce, this pizza will get the blood pumping. For this particular trip I pulled a Level 9000 Ron move and added something extra, some calabrian peppers. Hidden on the “create your own pizza” list are calabrian peppers, a pepper that hails from Calabria in southern Italy and clocks in at roughly 25,000 SHU. Typically used in pestos or sauces, I asked for these to get added to half of the pizza (as to not hurt the lady of the farm too badly).

spicy yuma pizza from harvest by fartley farms

Reasonable size, reasonable spice.

Concerned, the lady of the farm eyed the pie to make sure she grabbed the correct half. I’m not jerk, I made sure she got the right half and that the one or two slices of the calabrian peppers got picked off. The calabrian peppers added some extra kick to this pizza, but if it is sweat you seek, you will not find it here.

With a hint of heat from the chorizo and jalapeños, the lady of the farm had some faint nose sweat, but nothing out of control. After trying the first slice straight, I sprinkled crushed red pepper on the other two slices to kick it up a notch and was pleased overall. The crust is chewy and flavorful, the ingredients are fresh and the quality of the pizza is high. Is this a spicy pizza? Definitely to some, but registered pretty low for us. The calabrian peppers are a power move that will have the wait staff nodding in approval, but even with the extra heat from those, we’re placing the Spicy Yuma at #25, just below Helen’s Asian Kitchen and above the Melt Voodoo Zombie Jerk Chicken sandwich.

Is Harvest Pizzeria somewhere you go to seek out spicy foods? No, but the Spicy Yuma is a comfortable level of spice for a date night or a dinner out with the family. Be warned, we’re not working with Domino’s prices here. The specialty pizzas run from $13 – $20, with a variety of extras that you can add on. It’s a cozy environment, great for a low-key fight with a spouse or significant other (we saw one there) or a nice spot for Happy Hour to impress your friends or boss.

You can find Harvest in five locations across Columbus in Dublin, Grandview, German Village, Bexley and Clintonville.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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