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About Fartley Farms

Note: After seeing the events here in Columbus over the past week, we feel like there is more we can do, and should do, to help the city we love so much.

While we don’t have the answers to racism or injustice, we cannot sit by and do nothing. But, we make this promise to all of you:

For the months of June and July, we will be donating 100% of our profits of hot sauce bottles sold to 2 causes – The Columbus Freedom Fund and Campaign Zero, with each receiving 50%. This is not a request to buy our product, but a commitment we are making to our city. After speaking with friends and associates, we feel this is the best way that we can support our community at this time. Each month, we will release a post informing of the donations we were able to provide. Thank you for your continued support.  

We also urge you to try out an upcoming spicy dish at Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen, the Pepper Shrimp (Large shrimp (1/2lb) steamed with garlic, butter and Scotch bonnet peppers) or the Dragon’s Breathe sauce at Feed Me Sandwich Kings (both black-owned spicy establishments). If spicy food isn’t your thing, we encourage you to volunteer your time or donate to non-profits dedicated to ending systemic racism in our country.

Fartley Farms is a small-batch, hand-crafted hot sauce maker based in Columbus, OH. Testing all sorts of heat ranges, Ron Fartley and his team of spicy experts work hard to ensure each bottle of hot sauce is as awesome as possible. With fun names and fresh flavors, you’re bound to find a sauce that fits your mood and your food.

Though we started selling in 2020, our spicy roots go back much further. Starting in the 1990s with the first taste of Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas Hot Sauce, we were hooked on making foods spicier. In 2016-ish we got our first packets of Carolina Reaper seeds, built some raised beds and snagged some other pepper varieties. When you’ve got a garden full of peppers you have to figure out what you’re going to do with all of them and thus Fartley Farms was born.

Our current logo.

That year our sauces were the “singe off your eyebrows when you open the cap” kind of hot and were pretty much just peppers, vinegar and a dash of salt. From there we started to refine our ratios, added more flavors and spices, and worked with over 50 different pepper varieties to find those that we liked best.

Whether it be a new sauce type or an additional raised planter, Ron is always trying something new to add to the collection. Living in Ohio is a climate unfit for the finest of peppers, yet each year Fartley Farms works tirelessly to raise, ripen and reap the best and brightest peppers. From tiny tabascos to gigantic golden ghosts, there’s not a pepper we won’t try.

If you’re looking for your one-stop shop for recipes of all varieties, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t see a recipe you like? Send ol’ Ron a suggestion and he’ll put it in the hopper for the next batch.

fartley farms logo

The second logo we ever created.

Want the latest? Keep an eye out on our Instagram feed or on Facebook. Until then we aim to be the number one spicy resource in Columbus, OH, guiding you through the spiciest dishes every Friday and figuring out who has the best corn dog in the city. Curious about something else? Let us know!