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Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: Mikey’s Late Night Slice

With 100% more Hate Sausage…

When you think of pizza in Columbus, you may think of super thin crusts, tiny rectangular pieces and not much personality. Mikey’s is none of those things. I mean seriously, when’s the last time you saw a cartoon pizza wearing sandals and socks?

We had to wait a while on this one. The Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage seemed like an urban legend. We’d heard about it plenty of times, but we never seemed to be able to track it down. Thankfully plenty of you sent us the updates from Mikey’s Late Night Slice this time around, so we were more than ready to jump at the opportunity.

mikeys late night slice by fartley farms

Such great art, it needs to go in a pizza box art museum of some sort.

For those that don’t know, the Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage from Mikey’s is a once-a-year pizza made with “fresh Ghost, Scorpion, and Reaper Peppers, Puree Scorpion Pepper Pizza Sauce, and Red Hot Hate Sausage.” It’s a lot of super hot peppers all merged into a magical slice of pizza that has the potential to make you hallucinate.

They are only selling the pizza this weekend (ends Sunday 10/20/19) at their 4th Street location in Columbus and their Elm Street location in Cincinnati. To kick it off, they had 8 folks enter into their Fiery Punishment Contest in which contestants have to eat three slices of this perilous pizza AND one whole Carolina Reaper and then sit for five minutes without puking, going to the bathroom or drinking anything. We did not enter this time around because we were still having nightmares from the Shinigami Ramen at Satori and eating a Carolina Reaper there.

We did however get a full pie.

mikeys fiery death pizza by fartley farms

So glorious, so deadly…

With glows of orange, green and red, this pizza is littered with spiciness. Slices of pepper line the cheesy goodness and the sauce almost bubbles below, saying “yo, we’ve got enough capsaicin here to kill a small horse.” I was lucky enough to share some of this pizza with the pizza experts over at Pizza Pandemonium (video here). The consensus was that while the pizza definitely has some kick, the overall flavor is pretty awesome and the pizza is enjoyable. The pepper puree sauce is something that I would use regularly on pizzas if it was readily available.

fiery death pizza by mikeys late night slice, photo by fartley farms

Close up look at the angriest pizza we have ever eaten.

After eating a half piece with the Pizza Pandemonium folks and watching the host sweat and one of the crew members start to hiccup immediately, I headed back to the farm with several pieces still in tow. The half of a slice had kick, but if contest folks had to eat three slices, I needed to eat at least two to get the full effect.

Without telling her much about the pizza, the lady of the farm grabbed some crust (the safest part of this pizza) and even then yelled “Why?!” I pulled out some Unicorn Sauce (an awesome amalgamation that Mikey’s concocted a while back and is a great pizza dipping sauce) and prepped the pizza. Full slice one didn’t set in until it was almost completed. The cooked peppers help a bit in terms of getting them down, but I could taste them pretty clearly, never a good sign for the next day. Halfway through the second slice, I had a good sweat going. The peppers were starting to rear their ugly heads and the heat in my mouth was definitely a “more than comfortable” level. I looked at a third piece, but decided to call it quits after the two.

The sausage is flavorful, the crust is great as always and the pizza in general is enjoyable. I can definitely say one slice of this is enough, but it’s something everyone should try at some point. Now, is it the spiciest dish in the city? I struggle with this one a bit. On the surface, this is a super hot pizza. If you’re only eating one slice, we’d put this around #7, just below Fukuryu’s Red Dragon Ramen (Level 4). If you’re eating 2 slices or more, this gets into #2 or #3 territory. After a lot of thought (and a few more bites of the pizza), we’re putting the Fiery Death Pizza at #2 on our list. It’s an excellent adventure in spicy food and one that we’ll probably go back for each year.

Reminder, the Fiery Death Pizza is this weekend only and only at 4th Street location in Columbus and their Elm Street location in Cincinnati. For lower spice levels, their Spicy Ass Pep is also a tasty slice of pie.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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