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Rude Dog Bar & Grill – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

When you tell me there are spicy tots on any menu I’m automatically going to try them, no questions asked.

That was the case with Rude Dog and their Chico’s Crack Tots, traditional tots tossed in Rude Dog’s house-made spicy dry rub. A bit of sweetness, something like paprika and cayenne and maybe a hint of a little something extra made these tots a fun take on the standard, but would register right around the 100-mark if they were being rated for spiciness. Not so fast friend-o, there be a spicier dish at Rude Dog.

I’ve had a lot of “Hot” wings in my day and found that each brings something different to the table. Rude Dog throws tradition out the window and woofs on in with a “Hot” sauce that is sweet, a little sticky, and a paws-worth of spiciness. It’s a bit of a mutt because compared to traditional Hot wings, it’s almost a blend of sweet chili, BBQ, and traditional Hot. A few seeds adorn the wings, and a few wings in, the heat was circling the tip of my tongue, preparing to lay there for a bit.

The initial wave of heat eventually had me reaching for a tissue to boop my snoot from the drip that formed from the spiciness, but not much in the way of additional physical effects. Full of tots and wings I reflected on the doggone heat of the Hot wings. It feels like a strong cayenne heat with (maybe) a touch of habanero and from the initial kick and light linger, we’re placing the Hot wings from Rude Dog at #54, just ahead of Chef Rich’s Crazy SOB Burger and right after Hyderabad House’s Chicken 65.

Look below for more on our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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