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Urban’s Pint House – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Go for the hot chicken, stay for the bucket-sized libations.

We wanted to remove all of our M’s for this week, but this font looked terrible with strikethroughs. Please forgive us.

With TTUN coming to town, we decided to seek refuge under the comfortable arm of a coach who was never beaten by the Wolverines, so we ventured to Urban’s Pint House in Bridge Park. Featured in the former RAM Brewing location, Urban’s Pint House hasn’t moved things around too much, but they have added an insane amount of empty bottles to the walls. Seriously, what’s going on there?

No more large brewing station, it’s now just more seating, but there is a fancy spot up front where patrons can take their picture with Urban for the ‘gram or their scrapbook, whichever floats your boat. If you’re looking to get crazy, this is probably a good spot. Featuring 22oz Stadium Cup Cocktails, the “Monster Mule” (96oz Moscow Mule), and Jumbo Martini’s, you and your friends can get some pre-game libations in at a reasonable cost.

giant cocktail list at urbans meyer's pint house

Mega, jumbo, giant, because why not?

The menu is well-sized and features sandwiches, pizzas and 6-8 entrees. Along with the standard fare, there are some great shareables like the Short Rib Nachos, which looked gigantic, a pretzel sampler with a variety of dipping sauces including beer cheese, and then the one we settled on, the Skillet Mac and Cheese.

skillet mac and cheese from urban meyers pint house

So. Much. Cheese.

With a 5-cheese blend, beer cheese, noodles, green onions and a pretzel rod, this mac and cheese is pretty dope. One of our biggest gripes with “skillet” mac and cheese is that half the time it’s made in a different skillet, transferred to a fake one and brought out. This was the skillet it was made in (I did a skin check) and the bake was better for it. It’s definitely a massive pile of mac though, probably best for sharing with four people.

There are a few spicy shareables on the menu with jalapenos and Spicy Garlic wings, but we were here to try the Hot Chicken Sandwich.

hot chicken sandwich from urbans pint house by fartley farms

A sea of fries…

First, can we talk about these fries? Thick cut fries, that are longer than our fingers and almost as thick. I’m pretty sure they kill two or three potatoes per order to accommodate the amount they put on each plate. A majority of what we took home ended up being fries and some mac and cheese. Alright, let’s get in for a closer look at the sandwich. It’s in the upper right if you couldn’t see it buried under the fries.

hot chicken sandwich by urbans pint house by fartley farms

Its under there somewhere…

So, in reviewing these photos, we are remembering what we first thought. We lifted the top piece of white bread and wondered if the chicken was even under there. There’s a healthy dollop of slaw and as we moved things around we found the cayenne-laced chicken, chilling under all of it. It looked about like we’d expect it to, so once we added some pickles we got moving.

Pro tip, we’d recommend flipping this sandwich over and resting it on the fries if you need a break. By the time the sandwich gets out to you, the bottom white bread is soaked most of the way through with the spicy cayenne mixture.

Columbus is now full of restaurants sporting hot chicken and each seems to have different levels. At Urban Meyer’s Pint House, you have the option of “Mild” or “Hot.” Going with the Hot, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the first bite revealed a nice level of heat that we could see being “Hot.” The chicken was thick and juicy, making up for lack of width by being thick. A few bites in had my nose running and I could tell that the cayenne was beginning to tickle my lips. The slaw is a nice offset to the heat and the pickles are just pickles.

All the way through the sandwich and now moving on to the three pounds of fries, I was pleased with the heat that lingered. The “Hot” Hot Chicken will be too much for some to handle, but is a reasonable heat level for those folks looking for a kick. For a hot chicken sandwich, the flavor is what you would expect, but they need to sort out the bread soaking situation. We were unable to get in contact with Urban Meyer’s Pint House to see if there were secret levels, but even those will cap out because of the cayenne-base in all hot chickens. This is an admirable spice level, so we’ll nestle it between the Smokehouse Brewing Gates of Hell Wings and the Satori Ramen Kara Kapow.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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