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Tensuke Express – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Tensuke Plaza. My home away from home.

This place is tha best. We wander to the Plaza a few times every month, sometimes for sushi, sometimes for sweets from Belle’s but this time we were there for Tensuke Express. What better way to end an evening of hot sauce deliveries than with a big ol’ bowl of spicy noodles.

I realized as we were looking at the menu I’d never tried their “make it spicy” option, so I was definitely getting that. The Lady of the Farm opted for a Beef and Onion Curry dish, a slight deviation from her typical pork katsu curry.

The portion size for curry alone is large, giving me an opportunity to scoop some curry without getting an angry look. We’ve eaten this curry so many times and it is always good.

I’m also partial to the onigiri and karaage if you’re planning on tossing a few odds and ends in there for yourself. Onto the main event though!

Back for some spicy noods eh? Similar to other spicy noodles in the past (looking at you Tiger + Lily), the Spicy Shoyu noodles at Tensuke Express come with a “test your might” side cup. As this is a standard order and the serving of chili paste is standard size, it’s not cheating on the list. Dark red with plenty of seeds and just a hint of oil, it’s a pepper-packed ball of pain, ready for you to plop it into your bowl. The Lady of the Farm said “I don’t think you need to put all of the paste in,” to which I replied, “I’ll Shoyu!” As she sighed, disappointed at my joke, I surveyed the dish again.

Pepper parts excavated and spread throughout the dish, I began to chow down. The added chili paste is noticeable, but is on the lower scale of the Scoville range, likely made up of cayenne-esque peppers. Through slurping of noodles, the back of my throat was acutely aware of the heat, while the rest of my mouth was somewhat oblivious. Halfway through the bowl, my nose began to drip like Cardi B and didn’t stop until several minutes after I was done.

Down to the broth, it was nowhere near as painful as the Shinigami Reaper ramen (praise be), but still had a strong kick. As spicy noods go, this is a great lunch-time spicy meaning it’s not going to destroy your innards, but will clear out your sinuses for you. That said, we’re placing the Spicy Shoyu at Tensuke Express at #45 on our list, just after Momo Ghar and their hot sauce.

You can find Tensuke Express off of Old Henderson road inside the Tensuke Plaza. If you go midday you can also check out Belle’s Bread and get some strawberry cake to cool you down.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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