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Fried Chicka Bang – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

When reddit points out the spicy, we go find the spicy.

Thanks to user /u/Bieterman/, we were asked to bring some deets to the Columbus community so here they are! Recently opened, Fried Chicka Bang is a “Pop Up Restaurant Serving Banging’ Good Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Salads” and man, these sandwiches are enormous. Every sandwich includes a big ol’ honkin’ piece of chicken in between two soft buns with a variety of toppings. Using ” fresh, never frozen chicken, that we marinate, and hand bread to order” Fried Chicka Bang is onto something and we’re stoked to have them around.

fried chicken bang sandwiches by fartley farms

Along with our sandwiches (I went with the Ghostface, the Lady of the Farm went with the Choo Choo) we also snagged the waffle fries, pub chips, Panko Mac & Cheese and Teddy Banana Graham Pudding. On top of that they sent along some childhood rareties of pixie sticks and warheads (those super sour candies). Other options include loading waffle fries up with cheddar, bacon, jalapeno, bangin‘ ranch & fancy sauce for dunking or converting your sandwiches into a boneless wing basket.

The chicken sandwich options are fairly stout with 9 to choose from including The Hotstepper, their take on nashville-style hot chicken, a Breakfast Bird, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, magic jam sauce, and Sporty Spice, buffalo sauce, pickled red onion, chunky blue cheese.  As mentioned, each sandwich is made to order and even after delivery still showed up nice and crispy. The $11-$15 price tag may steer some away, but for the size of the sandwich, the toppings and the chips + ranch that comes with each sandwich, this is a spot to try at least once. Open Wednesday through Sunday 4:30-8:30pm, it’ll take a bit of planning, but it’s a solid chicken spot if you’re looking for some crunch and creativity. Now, onto the primary reason we were summoned to try out Fried Chicka Bang.

fried chicka bang ghostface by fartley farms

Your uh, chicken is showing.

This is one poultry lookin’ mother-clucker. Holding it in my hands was like looking at any fast food chicken sandwich on steroids. The Ghostface sandwich is the spiciest on their menu and is comprised of “ghost pepper baste, ancho shake, chipotle mayo, blistered jalapeno.” You can see it to a degree from the picture, but that ancho shake is thicc and just sitting on the chicken, beckoning you closer.

Biting into the sandwich, the ghost pepper baste is the first thing to hit you after the crispiness of the chicken. There’s a briney warmth that washes over your entire mouth, carrying a wave of heat and ghost peppers from the tip of your tongue to back of your throat. It’s enough to flush your cheeks, but not the type of heat that leaves you gasping for air.

fried chicka bang ghostface sandwich

As I progressed through the mighty sandwich, I encountered the Ancho shake and blistered jalapeno. We mentioned the thiccness of that shake already, but there were a few bites where it was like hitting the flavor meteor in a chip bag or winning the spice nugget lottery. Being a big fan of spice mixes, this wasn’t a bother to me and gave a better sense of the different flavors, but we could see it being a turnoff for some folks. The blistered jalapeno is solid and packs the type of heat we would expect of a pepper sans seeds. It’s a nice additive to the spice train, but the ghost pepper baste still leads the way.

About halfway through the sandwich a sniffle started, but not to a Niagara Nose level. It’s warm and is all over your mouth, but it’s almost a comforting level of heat. Especially in the fall, this is the sort of heat we’re typically looking for (regardless of where it lands on the list).

Further in was the chipotle mayo, a solid spicy lubricant that pokes for your attention, but heads south if you’re not looking for it. We’re big fans of the flavor of chipotle peppers, so this was a pleasant pairing for us.

Finishing the fowl I thought back through the experience and where this ranks on our list. It was a nice break from the raw peppers and face incineration we’d experienced the last few weeks and instead rested on the flavor pairings of four different peppers, bringing out the profiles of each in a different way. All things considered, we’re placing the Ghostface from Fried Chicka Bang at #30 on our list, just above Wing Snob’s Hot AF Sauce and just below the Afra Grill Green Sauce. With everything being made to order, results may vary for folks, but you’re likely going to get a consistently spicy experience thanks to the ghost pepper baste.

You can find Fried Chicka Bang on most of your favorite delivery services or at 8461 Sancus Blvd Columbus, OH 43240.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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