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Spiciest Wings in Columbus, OH

We’ve eaten a lot of wings in Columbus over the past year and figured it’s time to get a comprehensive list together.

Feel free to let us know if we’re missing any or you disagree with our assessments!

1. Filling Station: 911 Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish In Columbus – The Filling Station post: “I looked into the box where the wings had been and all that was left was a sinister sauce that chortled at me (I may or may not have been hallucinating from the spiciness). I tossed the remaining Hot Balls into the leftover sauce and took a few minutes to think about life. No crying from me on this wing sauce, but I think it was enough to bump The Filling Station to number one on our spiciest dish in Columbus list. That’s right. The Filling Station takes over as the top spot for spiciest dish in Columbus, OH…” Continue Reading

2. Atlas Tavern: Reaper BBQ Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish In Columbus – Atlas Tavern post: “Between the Reaper BBQ and the Reaper Buffalo, the BBQ was definitely the hotter of the two. Both have a great Reaper flavor to them and are true to their last names. The BBQ is thick and tastes like it has a molasses and brown sugar base. A little sweet but not overpowering, and then the heat kicks you in the teeth. My nose completely shut down and would not stop running the rest of the meal. I got through the four bone-in wings with no problem, even with my nose leaning into its own agenda…” Continue Reading

Plate of fire from OH Pizza and Wings, part of the spiciest dish in Columbus series3. OH Pizza & Brew: There Will Be Tears Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus – OH Pizza and Wings post: “Listed as their Hottest Buffalo, I picked up on the standard buffalo flavors with vinegar, pepper, garlic, and one wing in was still looking for the Carolina Reaper powder that had been promised (some say they use “The Source”, but I don’t believe that to be the case). Mid-way through the second wing, the heat of the first started to kick in. There it was, the spiciness that had been foretold!” Continue Reading

4. Winking Lizard: Pure Evil Wings (Limited in Jan/Feb Only)

Looking at these again, they looked dry and not the most appetizing, so we’re skipping the picture, buuuut, an excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: Winking Lizard Pt. II post: “We had expected the wings to be wet with the Pure Evil Sauce, but they were mostly dry, almost like it was just a rub. A bit nervous I bit into the first one. Yep, immediately hot. The dryness makes these wings out to be almost entirely pepper powder that is added. Just guessing, we’d say that it’s a similar mixture to what is in the Hellfire Chili with Reapers, Scorpions and Ghosts. Not a ton of flavor but the peppers used knocked me back a bit.” Continue Reading

fartley farms stupid hot sauce from jts pizza

This sawce is thicc…

5. JTs Pizza & Pub: Stupid Hot Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: JT’s Pizza & Pub post: “The heat continued to mount through the next three “wings” and my eyeballs started sweating. It had been so long since this had happened I initially couldn’t figure out the sensation. We use eyeball sweat to define when your lower lids start to get sweaty and your eyeballs start to water a little without crying. Sixth and final “wing” down, I was mouth-breathing. This Stupid Hot sauce was actually a stupid level of hot.” Continue Reading

armondos xxxinferno sauce at hoggys by fartley farms

Bright red usually means not spicy…right?

6. Hoggy’s: Armondo’s XXXInferno Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: Hoggy’s BBQ post: “Bright red, the sauce looks hot. With seeds splattered throughout the sauce, the coating is thick and looks like it’s going to burn a hole in the paper lining in the basket. A customary whiff from the lady of the farm and she wasn’t getting much. I took a deep inhale as well and also wasn’t getting much in the way of spicy smells we typically get. Another thing we noticed was that, unlike a lot of “hot wings” there was a lack of an overly vinegary smell, a welcome change.” Continue Reading

woodys 5th degree wings and diablo-q

If you could not determine, 5th Degree on the left, Diablo-Q on the right.

7. Woody’s Wing House: Diablo-Q

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish In Columbus Series: Woody’s Wing House post: “These are the Diablo-Q wings. The sauce is thick, sweet, smokey and incredibly spicy. Maybe it was the mindset going in, but I was blown away by how spicy these wings were. Thickness seems to be a killer when it comes to spicy wing sauces. My nose exploded and turned me into a disgusting sniffling monster. Mouth-breathing took over and I stared at the rest of the wings, wondering what had happened. Diablo-Q was a lie. I’d argue these wings are twice as spicy as the 5th Degree and will fight anyone that says otherwise.” Continue Reading

183000 btu wings thurman cafe by fartley farms

Thicc and seedy.

8. Thurman’s Cafe: Extreme Wings

They claim 183,000 BTU, but probably mean SHU. Even then it’s hard to know if that’s accurate. Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: The Thurman Cafe post: “We went with the chunks of chicken because we were feeling dainty and wanted to use a fork (no judgements). As the chunks came out, we took a hefty whiff and while the others at the table didn’t get much, I remembered the smell. The hit of peppers I got reminded me of the wings at Mac’s Proper Pub and I got a bit nervous. I’d been so cocky because of the BTU/SHU thing that I’d overlooked the possibility of these actually being spicy.” Continue Reading

no refund hot wings at Macs proper pub in short north columbus ohio9. Macs Proper pub: No-refund wing

We’re pretty sure they changed the sauce right after we posted about it. Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish in Columbus – Mac’s Proper Pub post: “Caked on nice and thick, you can still see the seeds of one of the peppers. The lady of the farm could smell them from across the table, wincing and looking at me like I was insane (I am, but for other reasons than just eating hot things). First off, these flats are huge, probably the biggest in Columbus. I’m not sure what they gave the chickens that they served me, but whatever hormone is in there, I’m on board.” Continue Reading

10. Winking Lizard: Fire In the Hole or Magma Wings

Excerpt from the full Spiciest Dish In Columbus – Winking Lizard post: “The Magma wings are caked in a thick sauce that tells your eyes to prepare the rest of your senses for what’s about to go down. It’s essentially their 911 sauce times two, with a bit of Scorpion pepper in there. The 911 sauce itself is a spicier version of their Hot sauce, which is an aged cayenne-heavy sauce with garlic salt and vinegar. We began with the Fire in the Hole wings. The first hit of flavor is all of the spices, a bit earthy, focusing more on savory than sweetness.” Continue Reading

Those are the top 10 spiciest wings in Columbus, OH, but we’ve eaten many more. Below are the remaining spicy wings we’ve eaten, with links out to each. Don’t see one on our full list of spiciest dishes in Columbus? Let us know!

  1. Quaker Steak and Lube: Triple Atomic Wings
  2. Wing Snob: Hot AF Sauce
  3. Tweeters: Devil’s Breath Wings
  4. Woody’s Wing House: 5th Degree Wings
  5. Smokehouse Brewing: Gates of Hell
  6. Blarney Stone Tavern: 911 Wings
  7. Borgata: Pineapple-Habanero BBQ Wings
  8. Roosters: Nu-Killer
  9. Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill: Nuclear Hot Sauce Wings
  10. Old Skool: Habanero Wings

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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