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Yellow Brick Pizza – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

On a delivery run this week we decided to swing by a pizza spot that we’d seen on the socials quite a bit but had never tried. With a packed menu of classic and signature pizzas, Yellow Brick Pizza has one of the more unique groupings of pies. Having made it to the Elite Eight in Pizza PANdemonium’s pizza bracket, we figured we were in for some good ‘za, but they also had a few spicy items we were itching to try out. They are playing it by ear with the re-opening of Ohio, but are definitely still doing takeout and delivery at this time. With a location in Olde Town East and off of High on King, give them a try. There are still a few Signature Pizzas like the Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder or the Spicy BBQ that we’ll need to head back for at some point, but that’s not what this post is about! How about some tater tots to get started?

tots from Yellow Brick Pizza by fartley farms

Stare deep into the tot abyss, what do you see?

These are no average tater tots, they are loaded with red onion, mozzarella, bacon and I believe feta, making them the “Best” Tater Tots from Yellow Brick’s menu (the Lady of the Farm ordered them, so I’m still a bit fuzzy). I’m the kind of guy that sets up a Totcho bar for Fantasy Football drafts and I’ve never met a tater tot I didn’t like, so these were a feature from Yellow Brick that we plowed through pretty quickly. Add some hot sauce on top and you’re good to go.

extra hot wings from yellow brick pizza by fartley farms

Red dead wing-demption.

Onto the Extra Hot Wings, which are a bit unique in the Columbus wing scene. While a lot of wings we’ve had are fried or smoked and grilled, these are oven-baked. We’re calling this out because it seems to be a rarity in Columbus, but works really well. The chicken is cooked perfectly, and the skin isn’t crunchy, but does have a light crispness to it. Some wings have a way of making you feel like hot garbage from the grease, but the cook on these had me working through them pretty quickly. From a heat perspective, the Extra Hot doesn’t have much going on and the Lady of the Farm was even able to eat several of these with me. The side sauce you see in the top right corner is their Dragon Sauce, which by taste and sight appears to be Frank’s RedHot mixed with blue cheese, a tasty combo, but doesn’t add much kick to the wings. Overall, solid wings, but the Extra Hot is pretty non-extra. I’d likely try their Sweet Thai Chili or Garlic Parmesan next time.

dantes inferno from yellow brick pizza by fartley farms

More red to stare into.

Behold, Dante’s Inferno, straight from the 3rd Layer of Hell (Gluttony). Loaded with mozzarella, jalapeño, banana pepper, sausage, green pepper, crushed red pepper and Frank’s RedHot after bake, Dante’s Inferno holds the spiciest ingredients Yellow Brick has to offer. All of it sits on a cayenne crust coated in Dante Sauce, a blend of their traditional red sauce and Frank’s RedHot. Frank’s, by the way, originates in Louisiana and is made with aged cayenne peppers as its spicy base, so from a pepper standpoint we’re dealing with a lot on this pizza with jalapeños registering from 3,000-10,000 SHU and cayenne peppers sitting in the 25,000-50,000 SHU range. Even without tasting it, this pizza rivals all other Columbus pizzas for the title of “most peppers per square inch.” Picking up a slice, I waited for Virgil to appear and lead me on my spicy journey, but it was his off day, so I was left to travel alone.

Chomping into the first slice, the Frank’s RedHot hits you right away from the drizzle on top and what lies beneath, a double-whammy of tanginess with a little bit of a kick. Warding off the spicy demons I trudged on, getting to the banana peppers, a low Scoville pepper that sits in spicy limbo waiting for the day where they can get some capsaicin. Sadly, that day will never come. Halfway through a slice, the jalapeños waltzed on in like, “whaddup, we’re pickled, so our heat is more tolerable, but we’re also tastier.” Happy to have a familiar friend along for the ride, my nose had started to tingle from the array of slightly spicy bois that gathered on this pizza. Getting ever closer to the final ring (the crust), I started to pick up on the extra layer of cayenne baked into this pie. Popping the lid to the side Dante sauce, I dipped the crust in, trying to squeeze out as much heat as I could. Finshing off the piece, my nose was taking the brunt of the heat. A few more slices in it was in full-on drip mode due to the sheer volume of mild spiciness. Falling into the river of forgetfulness, I gave both my mouth and nose a break to reflect.

While this is definitely the most pepper-laden pizza in Columbus, is it the spiciest? And where does it sit on the overall list? If you’ve been a fan of Mikey’s for long, you know that they have their Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage, so that definitely takes the cake (or pie in this case) for spiciest pizza in Columbus, but that’s only one weekend out of the year. For year-round spicy pizza, we have to say that Dante’s Inferno is the current winner of the “spiciest pizza in Columbus” title. As for where it lands on our list, we’re placing it at #35, just after the Gates of Hell (fitting) from Smokehouse Brewing and just ahead of the Extra Hot Sriracha Fried rice from Nong’s Hunan Express. From a bite or two alone, it’s not too crazy, but a couple pieces in definitely gets the nose running and the mouth feeling it a bit.

You can find Yellow Brick Pizza at 892 Oak Street Columbus, OH 43205 or in Victorian Village at 245 King Ave Columbus, OH 43201.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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