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Where To Find Our Hot Sauce

As we continue on our spicy adventure, we’re always looking for new friends to collaborate with or locations to keep our sauces even closer to you. Below is our ever-growing list of where you can find Fartley Farms hot sauce.


  • Atlas Tavern (Wing sauces and HELL IS REAL Grilled Cheese)
    8944 Lyra Dr
    Columbus, OH 43240
  • The Butcher & Grocer
    1089 W 1st Ave
    Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • North Market – Flavor & Fire (All bottles)
    59 Spruce St
    Columbus, OH 43215

Atlas Tavern

Featured in their “World’s Greatest Wings” section, you can find our Ginger Reaper or Serrano Garlic sauces to coat your Unforgettable Traditional Wings, Legendary Boneless Wings, or Cauliflower Wings. Our Serrano Garlic sauce also spices up the “Hell Is Real” Grilled Cheese sandwich, named after the big billboard along I-71 near Mt. Sterling.atlas tavern menu items with fartley farms hot sauce

The Butcher & Grocer

We’ve been an admirer of The Butcher & Grocer‘s meats for quite a while. With custom sausages (some with super hot peppers inside), locally sourced meats, and a solid array of Ohio cheeses, we’re pumped to be on the shelves. Follow them on Instagram for their latest meaty messages.

Flavor & Fire – North Market (Downtown Columbus, OH)

The number one hot shop in Columbus, we’re on the same shelves as former local legend CaJohn’s, Spice Pepper Co., Clam Lube, and the store’s namesake Flavor and Fire.

Flower City Flavor Company

Based in New York, Flower City Flavor Company is home to a broad array of hot sauces from Adoboloco to Whitehouse Station and also us! Flower City Flavor Company is another great option for scooping up various brands in one online storefront.

fartley farms on flower city flavor company


Newly spun up, SauceBooth is a new take on the online hot sauce marketplace. With more of a farmer’s market feel and a host of small-batch makers like ourselves, SauceBooth is quickly taking off. We’re currently featured in the Chili Head Challenge 5-pack

fartley farms on saucebooth