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Dumplings of Fury – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Have you tried your dumplings with a side of fury?

Nestled between Meatball Mafia, The Cheesecake Girl and Crooked Can Brewing, Dumplings of Fury is waiting to meet all your dumpling and bao needs. The Seattle-based dumpling house is the second location for the brand, thanks to one of the owners wanting to get back to their roots after being born and raised right here in Columbus. Dumplings of Fury opened in the Center Street Market last May and is one of only a few main dish vendors in the Market.

so much food from dumplings of fury by fartley farms


The menu is packed with familiar dishes like bao, dumplings, and rice bowls, but the depth in each category is greater than most other locations in Columbus. Along with standard pan-seared potstickers, Dumplings of Fury also makes Shrimp and Pork Wontons, Beef Jiaozi, and even a Garlic Mushroom dumpling with Shitake, Button & Crimini Mushrooms, Chinese Broccoli, and Tofu.

Their rice bowls also feel familiar with a Szechuan Beef Rice Bowl, and my favorite kind, a Kimchee Fried Rice Bowl, just to name a few. With a name like Dumplings of Fury, I expected to write this post about dumplings because, well, the name! We tried the spicier of their dumplings, and they all had a slight heat to them, but we found that the spiciest dishes ended up being the Sweet and Spicy Wings and the Szechuan Beef Bao.

szechaun beef bao from dumplings of fury by fartley farms


The Szechuan Beef Bao is an order of two bao stuffed with wok-fired marinated flank steak, garlic, and cilantro. Cooked in a spicy soup base (hot pot), the beef has a chance to sit with a host of flavors and spices, including traditional Tien Tsin Chiles (the dried red pepper bois you typically see in similar dishes) to become a bit more furious. While in the hot pot, the beef absorbs the tongue-numbing powers of the szechuan peppercorns and is noticeable from bite one. There is a trail of heat that slides along with the peppercorns and the spiciness ended up being slightly too much for The Lady of the Farm to handle.

Each bite brings the tingling punches of the szechuan peppercorns back, but the heat plateaus at a nice comfortable level. Face slightly warm and a couple of small sniffles later, the Szechuan Beef Bao was gone. I’ll reserve my judgement around the fluffiness of the bun (because it had survived a 15-minute ride home) and say that I would eat it again, but only if I were eating it right after preparation at Center St. Market. Steady heat overall, with enough tingliness to get your attention.

sweet and spicy wings by dumplings of fury

Riding alongside the Szechuan Beef Bao we had the Sweet and Spicy Wings. Garlic Marinated, Deep Fried, and tossed in a Sweet & Spicy Korean Pepper Sauce, these wings hold true to most wing lovers ideals. No breading, mostly crispy outside, juicy insides that come off the bone easily and juuuust a bit of heat. From chatting with Dumplings of Fury, they “use gochujang which is a chili pepper paste as a base to our sauce.” The gochujang mixes well with the sticky sweetness of its counterpart, but the heat level stays lower than the Szechuan Beef Bao. Enjoyable heat for most folks, but not much fury behind these wings. Heat-wise on a Furious scale from 1 to Vin Diesel we’d put these at a Sean Boswell.

Dumplings of Fury also featured a Thai Chili wing and Nashville Hot Bao last week as part of the Heat Wave in Hilliard event, showing off the possibilities of one-off spicier dishes in the future. No guarantees on that at the moment.

All things considered, Dumplings of Fury has an approachable heat level for most and of what we tried, each dish has at the very least a tiny kick. Thinking through the rest of our list, we’re placing the Szechuan Beef Bao from Dumplings of Fury at #68, just above Helen’s Asian Kitchen Stir-Fried Cauliflower and just below Roosters Nu-Killer Wings.

You can find Dumplings of Fury inside the Center Street Market in Hilliard at 5354 Center Street, Hilliard, OH 43026, or on Facebook / Instagram.

Look below for more in our Spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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