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Burger King on Fifth (BK5) – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Rarely would I post about a fast food spot, but people kept asking me if these were actually spicy, AND it gave me an opportunity to travel to the iconic BK5. I’d driven by the legendary establishment in the past, never brave enough to enter, until this week when I decided the universe was telling me it was time.

Driving through, I was prepared for the worst. Would a get a “we is close”? Would their soda be completely gone? For the storytelling purposes I wish something had been amiss, but dear reader, it appears to now be a standard Burger King.

These Ghost Pepper nuggs came out of the bag looking sad, not spooky. Smol bois with a slightly red tinge and some visible spices (mostly black pepper), I got exactly as many as I expected.

Popping a nugg, there was the initial low heat of black pepper, then a quick POP of ghost pepper level heat, that disappeared quickly. Had I been tricked? Was BK5 gaslighting me? I ate a few more, same routine. Low heat, POP, gone. Disappointed that the BK5 quality had improved, but slightly surprised at that quick heat explosion of the nuggs, I drove away, half-hoping that someday BK5 can return to its former glory.

The high heat doesn’t last for long, but could scare off spicy newcomers because of the implications, but all things considered we’re placing BK5 at #93 on our list.


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