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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions regarding our sauces, recipes and reviews. Below are some of the answers to the most common questions.

Why is shipping so expensive?

After months of research, we determined that in order to get your sauce to you as safely as possible, we would use USPS, their padded envelopes, bubble wrap and boxes, or our custom boxes. The cost goes into the cost of Priority Mail as well as the cost for the materials to ensure safe travels for your sauces. We are always on the lookout for ways to make this more cost-efficient, but in the meantime, the flat rate covers the United States. Flat rates will be between $7.50 to $11.00 depending on state and zone compared to Ohio. The lower the zone number, the less your shipping will likely be.

Zone 1 (local) 50 mile radius
Zone 2 51 – 150 mile radius
Zone 3 151 – 300 mile radius
Zone 4 301 – 600 mile radius
Zone 5 601 – 1000 mile radius
Zone 6 1001 – 1400 mile radius
Zone 7 1401 – 1800 mile radius
Zone 8 1801+ mile radius

Why don’t you ship internationally?

As we’re getting started, we’re exploring ways to get our sauces oversees. If you’re not inside the United States and would like to get your hands on our sauce, send us a note at and we’ll see what we can work out.

My hot sauce broke in shipping, what do I do now?

Though we are still a bit new to the whole “shipping liquids in glass bottles” game, we take full responsibility for items that show up broken. Contact us privately via or privately on Instagram/Facebook and we will work to get new bottles sent along. For all other questions around bottles shipped to you, take a look at our returns page and follow our notes there.

I noticed something wrong with your site, how do I tell you?

Hit us up in any of our social networks in a direct message or send us a note at

Do you get paid to write reviews?

Nope. The only time we’ve ever gotten food for free for any of our reviews was Wing Snob, but we went back later in the week and bought more wings/fries for the full effect. Most places we review are local or small businesses like us, so we don’t want to take anything away from them. Plus, we want to stay clear of feeling like we have to write a good review and if we received something in return, that wouldn’t sit right with us. We value honesty in all of our work, so the long answer is still no. As always, if you have any suggestions of places to try, let us know!

Why do you feature sauces that aren’t your own?

We continue to feature hot sauces outside of our own line because we still love hot sauce. No two sauces are the same, and to a certain degree we consider it market research. Learning about another company, their story and then trying their products continue to help us understand the market, what people are interested in and what we can continue to provide that is both unique and tasty. Plus, there are some flavor combos out there that we stay away from making ourselves that we’re still super curious about. Previously we reviewed the sauces, but now that we sell our own we’d rather highlight what we like about a company and their sauce instead of spending time with numbers and ratings. We’ll leave that to you and other professionals to decide!