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Silohs – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

We normally don’t let social media influence our decisions, but Silohs continues to get our attention on Instagram.

That’s why when we were out doing deliveries in the Canal Winchester area, we made a special trip off the beaten path to Silohs, about 10 minutes south of BrewDog’s Taproom in Canal Winchester. Wing choices galore, extremely well-priced food, and more sandwiches and pizzas than you could reasonably consume over several sittings. Family-owned and operated, Silohs is a solid find and a spot we will likely travel to any time we’re in the area.

Silohs even has a drive-through so pickup is incredibly easy. Order online, drive on up, get the handoff and enjoy! We’ll get into all of their spicy offerings momentarily but first…look at this pie.

silohs pie


We’re using a picture from Silohs site of their baked goods because the Heath Peanut Butte Pie and Triple Layer Chocolate Cake Slice we got were gone too fast. As far as we can tell, all baked goods are made locally (potentially in-house) and were phenomenal.

screamy reaper from silohs by fartley farms

Oh my. When we think about burgers, it’s typically a semi-clean, one-patty burger with some toppings. The Screamy Reaper from Silohs takes those typical burgers and cranks it to 11. Half pound double angus beef patties, bacon, grilled jalapeños, house Flamin’ Seasoning Salt, Carolina Reaper Cheese, Siracha Bourbon Sauce, smashed between to buns. This isn’t your run of the mill grocery store Carolina Reaper cheese though, this is Amish made cheese that they source locally and the quality and heat difference is real.

Grabbing the burger and chomping in, the Siracha Bourbon sauce sprints out first. A spicy, smokey combo that blends into the jalapeños, continuing the low heat train while also giving you a chance to enjoy the rest of the burger. At the end of a bite, just as the spice dwindles, the Carolina Reaper cheese kicks in. Distant first, then grows to a nice sweltering heat. It doesn’t approach insane levels, and from the staff at Silohs, they don’t intend to, “Our goal for any of our hot sauces is to be able to taste the flavor before feeling the heat but it may just skorch you if you’re not careful.”

screamy reaper burger from silohs by fartley farms

Open sesame…but not a sesame bun.

From bite to bite, you get more of the rise and fall. Smokey, spicy, dwindle, Reaper punch. It’s difficult to find a burger that gives you such consistency in heat, but I think the Flamin’ Seasoning Salt helps keep it constant throughout the burger. It’s a satisfying heat for the entirety of the ride, and have I said how great these cheese is yet? Seriously. One of the better spicy cheeses we’ve had.

Something to point out about Silohs, if you’re scared of the Reaper cheese, no worries, they’ve got Scorpion cheese, Habanero Ghost cheese, Habanero Cheddar cheese, Chipotle Pepper Jack Cheese, and Pepper Jack cheese to choose from. The range in heats is impressive, and the family-owned and operated restaurant appears dedicated to letting you decide how hot you go. Also, come on. They’ve got a Firecracker pizza with Smokin’ Ghost Sauce, Ghost Pepper Spice, Habanero Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Red Pepper Flakes, and Barn Burner Sauce. So many spicy options to choose from.

barn scorcher wings from silohs by fartley farms

Substantial wing wetness.

Similar to the cheese choices, they also have 23 different wing sauces ranging from Sweet BBQ to Barn Scorcher. The pictured wings are the Barn Skorcher wings and have a ranch base with a hefty pour of ghost pepper powder. No sweat, but a nice mouth burn and linger.

Taking both the Screamy Reaper burger and the Barn Skorcher wings into consideration for scoring their dishes, we’d put the Barn Skorcher wings in the 40s with the burger bumping up into the Spiciest Burger on our list at #32 just before Thai Grille’s Extra Spicy Pad Kee Mao and after Grandad’s Pizza & Pub Grandad’s Graveyard wings.

You can find Silohs at 1004 Winchester Southern Rd, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110, or on Instagram.

Look below for more in our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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