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Two Fatt Indians – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

Two Fatt. Too Furious (actually they’re super nice).

We’ve been trying to get through some community-driven restaurant requests and next up is Two Fatt Indians. The local legends Amit Kumar and Raj Sabherwal have owned and operated the truck since mid-2018. Bouncing all over Columbus, the duo can be found at local breweries throughout the week including Seventh Son (where we found them), Land Grant, Antiques on High, and Double Edge Brewing, to name a few.

After some hot sauce deliveries on 614 Day, we wandered down to the Budd Dairy Food Hall/Seventh Son area because we were finally near Two Fatt Indians. Like two ships passing in the night, it seemed like we were always on opposite sides of Columbus but we finally did it. Sitting on the patio was definitely a weird feeling, being surrounded by other folks on a nice cool night, but I gotta say it’s super nice to be able to go out again. Two Fatt Indians has had a rough time during the pandemic, but I’m hoping they can come back strong as they’re able to get further out to breweries and high-traffic locations.

With food trucks, catering, and delivery available, you’d be missing out if you don’t give Two Fatt Indians a try at some point. Their menu is packed with vegetarian, vegan, and traditional meat options as well as four different Biryani options. Each meal comes with a choice of 1-6 on the heat levels and is served with rice.

The Lady of the Farm went with the Lamb Kasmiri Rogan Josh and some Naan, and wasn’t able to finish the full portion. While the initial $14-$17 price point may scare some away, the amount of food you get for that cost is worth it in our opinion.

Two Fatt Indians Level 6 Lamb Vindaloo

Now for the spiciest dish Two Fatt Indians had to offer. I stared into the nuclear red Level 6 Lamb Vindaloo that lay before me and took a few deep breaths. Pouring some vindaloo over rice, I began. A hit of heat and a familiar flavor of coriander and cumin. More pockets of heat as I got to the potatoes and lamb, which oozed spiciness from sitting in the vindaloo.

A few bites in I was starting to sweat just a touch, beads that I initially attributed to the heat of the vindaloo, but it seemed to be a combo of patio heat and vindaloo heat. A sneaky heat, the Level 6 dances around a bit, letting you enjoy the traditional flavors before creeping away, leaving heat marks all over your mouth. I nervously wiped away a few drips from my nose, diving further forward into the vindaloo. The massive portion was too much for one sitting, but the under-eye sweat was a good sign that we’d reached into the upper echelon of spicy here in Columbus.

It’s not a searing “please help, I’m dying” heat, but it does toe the line of that lunch-time “I’m going to miss that important meeting this afternoon” spiciness. That in mind, we’re putting Two Fatt Indians Level 6 Lamb Vindaloo at #21 on our list, the spiciest of any of the vindaloos we’ve had (Aangan India Bistro is closest at #34), but not as spicy as Hyderabad House’s Extra Spicy Karaikudi Chicken (sitting at #17). The Levels are real and should be respected (ranging from 1 to 6). Best of luck to your face and mouth if you try it out.

You can find Two Fatt Indians through their social media on Instagram or Facebook.

Look below for more on our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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