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OH Pizza and Wings – Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series

An adventure with There Will Be Tears and Sweaty Neck sauces…

You may have heard of this particular spot referred to as OH Pizza and Brew and you are correct, same group. With three locations in Columbus and one wing sauce that always appears on spicy lists, we had to give it a shot.

Moving through the list of spiciest dishes in Columbus, we decided to try out the “There Will Be Tears” from OH Pizza and Wings – Dillmont (just north of Worthington off 23). It was a lazy Sunday, so we opted to order online and I retrieved for pickup, because I don’t want people knowing where I live (as he yelled at the government microphone in the toaster). The location is fairly small with roughly 10 tables, leading me to believe a lot of folks opt for takeout or delivery. Also worth noting, the online ordering system is pretty good. We’ve ordered from terrible systems before and this one was nice and easy.

Full order included 5 bone-in There Will Be Tears, 5 bone-in Sweaty Neck, 5 bone-in Nashville Hot, Grippo Fries, and a Chicken Parm sandwich (for the lady of the farm). Behold, my Plate of Fire!

Plate of fire from OH Pizza and Wings, part of the spiciest dish in Columbus series

The wings are made to order and the freshness is visible. As to not destroy myself right away, I worked through the five Sweaty Neck wings first. The wings are fairly large and cooked well. I’ve been watching new techniques for how to eat wings, because why not, and was impressed with how easily the meat came off the bone even after a 15-minute car ride. The Sweaty Neck sauce is OH Pizza and Wings take on a hot buffalo sauce. There’s some sweetness and a bit of heat for an overall nice flavor. I could see myself easily eating a large order of these during a football game. No sweat on my neck, but off to a good start.

Up next were the Nashville Hot Rub wings. These are the only wings on the menu that are breaded, so I was curious to see how they compared. The breading is light and crispy and while I can’t guarantee, it tastes like there’s some brown sugar in the rub. Only reason I bring that up is because it was a bit too sweet over being hot for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate them all, but that was the only complaint with these. My nose started the snot ducts up, but just some tiny little sniffles, nothing major. Onto the piece de resistance!

There will be tears from spiciest dish in columbus series

There Will Be Tears is named in a way that you have expectations going in. When you tell me there are going to be tears, I expect tears. The lady of the farm took the required whiff, shuddered, shook her head and walked away. Again these wings are cooked well and have a great flavor. Listed as their Hottest Buffalo, I picked up on the standard buffalo flavors with vinegar, pepper, garlic, and one wing in was still looking for the Carolina Reaper powder that had been promised (some say they use “The Source”, but I don’t believe that to be the case). Mid-way through the second wing, the heat of the first started to kick in. There it was, the spiciness that had been foretold! Full on nose sweats, and a great mouth heat, the kind where you have to breath out a bit to make sure you’re still alive. After five wings, I was willing to say that this was one of the spiciest dishes in Columbus. Props to OH Pizza and Wings for mostly living up to the expectations (I didn’t cry, so…no tears).

Update: After talking with OH Pizza and Brew, they previously made There Will Be Tears hotter, but had to back off after someone called the cops on them (this is verified). The wings were so hot that the customer thought they had been poisoned. Additional customers called in complaining that the wings were too hot and were “cussing out” OH Pizza and Brew. So, if you’re looking to get to the hotter version before they had to dial it back, just ask for Extra Tears. OH Pizza and Brew did have a warning: “Unless you’re a competitive wing eater or aficionado…you should probably steer clear.” If you do try this, tell them Fartley Farms sent you. 

grippo fries from oh pizza and wings

Oh, we almost forgot about the Grippo Fries. Grippo Fries are “Our fresh cut fries tossed in our house BBQ dry rub. Served with ketchup or ranch.” We opted for ranch and a full box of the Grippo Fries is a little much. I think as an app with several friends it’s probably fine, but split between two folks the dry rub starts to wear on you a bit. We’d probably opt for the Buffalo Tots next time.

So congratulations to OH Pizza and Wings for taking the #2 spot from Fukuryu Ramen. The only spiciest dish in Columbus that ranks above this is the Reaper wings from Atlas Tavern. We’ll have to reload at some point and do a direct comparison of the two to make sure.

You can find this particular location at 18 Dillmont Dr, Columbus, OH 43235 

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If you have someplace you think we should try, let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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