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Fartley Farms Year in Review: 2019

What a year it’s been!

2019 was an awesome year for us. We finally got this site up and running, started interacting with all of you fine folks and made some great strides toward starting to sell our line of sauces. Below is a quick look back over our year and the fun that was had.

1. We started posting 3+ times a week on Instagram. What are your favorite types of posts?

2. Fartley Farms Flavor Hour w/ Dr. Ryan Season One came and went. Holler at us if you’d like to see more episodes because it didn’t get much traction

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Reaper Evil review is up! Excellent sauce that received some of our highest marks and a heat that's enough to scare even the creators, @torchbearersauces a bit. Definitely recommend giving it a try. As #reaper sauces go, it's one of, if not THE best we've tried to date. Full review in our bio. Thanks as always to @hotsaucemarket for sponsoring the #flavorhour #hotsauce #hotsauceaddict #hotsauceoneverything #hotsaucereview

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3. Started and stopped Hot Sauce News, but we’re looking to start it up again. Would it be more helpful in podcast form?

4. Tried out 20+ new recipes while trying to figure out what we want to start with when we begin selling sauces. They ranged from fruity with ground cherries and tequila to a cranberry sauce to Alabama white sauces and even a no-heat habanero mango. We’ll be trying plenty more over the next year, but it was another fun adventure this year.

5. Added 4 new raised beds for pepper plants. Full details can be found here.

6. Back in April we started our Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series, posting to /r/Columbus, /r/spicy and on Facebook. Atlas Tavern is still toward the top of our list, even after all this time! At the time of this writing we’ve gone through 38 dishes from over 35 restaurants and have 40+ more lined up for the next year. If you find any we need to hit, let us know, we’re always keeping an eye open for a spicy time. The top 10 as of this writing:

  1. Satori Ramen Bar: Shinigami Ramen aka “Reaper Madness” (Fall Only)
  2. Mikey’s Late Night Slice: Fiery Death Pizza with Hate Sausage (Fall Only)
  3. Cazuelas: Mucho Macho Burrito
  4. The Filling Station: 911 Wings
  5. Atlas Tavern – Reaper Buffalo, Reaper BBQ wings
  6. OH Pizza & Brew: There Will Be Tears wings
  7. JTs Pizza & Pub: Stupid Hot Wings
  8. Fukuryu Ramen – Red Dragon Ramen, Level 4
  9. Hoggy’s: Armondo’s XXXInferno Wings
  10. Woody’s Wing House: Diablo-Q


7. Grew 50 plants this year, roughly 20 varieties, but lost our diagram so some of the varieties are still unknown to this day. Digital next year!

8. Got a spice mill for grinding dehydrated peppers into a fine powder and even gave some away via Instagram.

9. We were humbled and honored to win 3rd place at the inaugural Fiery Foods Festival for our What The Fart sauce. Fun event that you should definitely check out next year if you missed it this year. There was also a Hot wing eating competition where we didn’t win, but we got darn close.

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Had a great day meeting folks and competing at the @columbusfieryfoodsfest Even came away with a Third Place medal for What The Fart! Will post more tomorrow while we go celebrate with our hardware 🔥🌶️ #hotsauce #hotsauceaddict #hotsauceoneverything #hardware #FieryFoodsFest #festival

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10. Met a lot of cool people including vendors, local folks, and readers of our reviews to the point where people are now calling out /u/fartleyFarms on other threads! We love interacting with folks, so keep it coming.

11. Tried 60+ new hot sauces. Between the Fiery Foods Festival, a Super Hot subscription to Fuego Box and just picking up new sauce any time we traveled, it felt like a ton. We’re still working on a listing of our favorite hot sauces, but it’s tough to determine. (Gator Hammock is probably the newest favorite)

12. Came up with 40+ fart-related hot sauce names because when that’s your thing, you have to. Some of them you can see in our recipes section of the site.

13. Shipped sauces to over 20 testers and have a pretty good army of reviewers now. Thanks to all of you that provided feedback!

14. Had someone create a dish to kill me for putting them at #14 on our list, props to Austin and the Satori Ramen crew for straight up destroying me for a solid day. In the picture below I’m smiling, but I could barely walk and the lady of the farm had to drive me home. This thing was nuts. Remember kids, when someone pulls up your spiciest dish in a city list as you’re eating their spicy dish, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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Props to @satoriramenbar on moving up to #1 on the Fartley Farms #spiciest dish in Columbus list. The Shinigami Ramen challenge is around this weekend at @northmarket until it's gone! Loaded with Reapers this thing is the real deal. If anyone is able to finish the full thing according to contest rules I will send you some sauce, free of charge. Best of luck! #eat614 #columbuseats #614 #spicy #spicynoodles #spicyeverything #imdying #myinsides

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15. Got registered in the state of Ohio to start selling as Fartley Farms!

16. Top 3 spiciest dish posts by traffic:


17. Top 3 hot sauce recipes by traffic:


18. Top 3 non-recipe or review posts by traffic:

What we’re looking forward to in 2020:

  • Selling our sauces!!!!
  • More spiciest dish posts
  • Meeting more awesome folks on Instagram, Reddit and of course in real life.

If it weren’t for all of you, we’d have stopped a long time ago. We’re thankful for any time you’ve spent reading, tasting or watching us over the last year and are looking forward to an even bigger 2020. Here’s to a safe and happy new year for you and your friends and family!

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