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Hot Sauce News: April 5, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday and Friday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Huy Fong Not Pleased

Trouble in paradise as Huy Fong (sriracha manufacturer) is at odds with its pepper-grower Underwood Ranches. The two will head to court over millions of dollars in damages. Huy Fong claims Underwood didn’t hold up their end of the planting bargain while Underwood defends that Huy Fong didn’t hold up theirs. Where will it end? Who knows, but we’re hoping it doesn’t effect the one true sriracha.

Profile On Steve Seabury of High River Hot Sauces

The NYC Hot Sauce Expo draws ever closer and this fun profile dives into the craziness behind hot sauce makers, specifically Steve Seabury of High River Hot Sauces. Have you sealed your fate in any of the spicy challenges? If not, did you at least get your tickets?

Fart of Gold – Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

We released one of our latest fruity habanero recipes this week called Fart of Gold. It uses some pineapple, ginger and maple syrup along with the heat of the habs to make a tasty, sweet, sauce. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think.

Flavor Hour – CaJohns Hot Sauce Review – Hydra 7 Pot Primo

If you still have yet to see our latest hot sauce review, you can check it out right here. It’s the CaJohn’s Fiery Foods Hydra 7 Pot Primo. Overall it’s a good sauce with a big old kick to the face. Take a watch and enjoy!

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