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Hot Sauce News: April 2, 2019

Spicy ranch? Count us in. Plus Hot Chicken Takeover gets national nods, Snow Patrol makes a sauce, and more!

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday and Friday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Ranch Gets A Fiery Facelift

This is great news, especially for the Midwesterners (I can say that, I’m one of them). As if Ranch could ever get boring, Heinz has teamed up with Twisted Ranch to release five new flavors of Ranch: Black Pepper Parmesan, Cheesy Smoked Bacon, Garlic Smashed Buffalo, Honey Dipped Wasabi and Mango Spiked Habanero. Want a spicy ranch? No need to make it yourself any more friend (although we still enjoy that), it will now be readily available at grocery stores! Twisted Ranch is a St. Louis-based restaurant where “Everything on our menu is house-made, incorporating our very own ranch seasoning and ranch flavors in every item.” What a time to be alive.

Hot Chicken Takeover Gets National Spicy Stars

Previously ranked as Columbus’ 13th fastest-growing company in 2018, Hot Chicken Takeover has now received a national nod for its breakout potential. The peddler of Nashville-style hot chicken is looking to expand into Cleveland and beyond, giving notice to Nation’s Restaurant News and making HCT one of their “breakout brands.” It’s one of my favorite spicy chicken places in Columbus and maybe it can be one of yours once they continue their global expansion. Hot Chicken Takeover is available in different spice ranges, including: Cold, Warm, Hot, Holy and the off-menu “Extra Holy.”

Snow Patrol Is Making Their Own Hot Sauce For Charity

If you’re looking for some exclusive hot sauce, this may be as exclusive as it gets. Snow Patrol is teaming up with a Northern Ireland hot sauce maker to produce a few new hot sauces that will only be available at Snow Patrol concerts. This is not Rock A Doodle Do’s first step into the rock-themed hot sauce and all proceeds of the sauce will go to charity Music4All. Initially I thought this was an April Fools joke, but it is real.

Hot Sauce Review – CaJohns Hydra – 7 Pot Primo

Another week, another hot sauce review as myself and Dr. Ryan take on the hot Hydra from CaJohns Fiery Foods. Be sure to give the review a watch, like and subscription (if ya don’t mind of course).

Hot April Fools Pranks

There were plenty of April Fools jokes yesterday and the spicy food community was not going to be left out. 7 Eleven Malaysia got into the game with a Ghost Pepper and Sichuan Mala ice cream delivered in a charcoal infused cone for extra hellishness and Louisiana Hot Sauce revealed their hot sauce by the keg program. What other jokes did you see? Did any posts fool you?

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