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The Last Dab Reduxx Hot Sauce Review – Flavor Hour πŸ”₯

Ron and Dr. Ryan try out one of the hottest pure pepper sauces on the market with The Last Dab Reduxx.

Featured on Hot Ones and created by the creators of the show along with Smokin’ Ed Currie, The Last Dab uses Pepper X and Chocolate Pepper X to bring the heat. This one definitely sticks with you!

It takes a while, but this is a sauce that creeps up on you and then stays with you for a long time. The linger was roughly 5-10 minutes and it just hangs out, like a bad roommate. Doesn’t do the dishes, doesn’t help clean up, just sits there without a care in the world.

No amount of sour cream or ranch can cool it, you’re just stuck. This hot sauce review was one of the first where Dr. Ryan questioned why we were doing this to ourselves.

Apologies for the dabbing. We regretted it immediately…but had to leave it in.

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