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Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce

(3 customer reviews)


  • Heat: 3/7
  • Comes with a reducer for easier splorping onto foods
  • Yes, splorping is a word
  • Excellent on smoked meats
  • Can be used as a marinade
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio

In stock


Vinegar, Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Brown Sugar, Onion, Garlic Cloves, Adobo Spice, Salt, Liquid Smoke


This is a sauce that will make the butterflies fly away and you’ll nod your head like, yeah. It’s sweet and a tiny bit smokey, perfect for smoked meats and more. Use it as a marinade, taco sauce, or rejuvenating face wash. Above all, just enjoy!

3 reviews for Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce

  1. Amanda

    Great sweet and spicy sauce. Mixing it in ketchup to spice things up is great. Use on tots, burgers, wings or just pop it in one of your previously inferior salsas.

  2. Pete

    Comfortable heat, Fantastic taste. You’ll go through this one quick, so buy a couple.

  3. Jim

    Oh man, I’m loving Farty in the USA. Great balance of sweet to spice. Some sweet haberno sauces I’ve tried are really over powering on the sweet side, but Mr. Fartley managed to find a great balance on this batch. I should’ve ordered more than one bottle.

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