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Mikey V’s Foods – Sam Sauce Hot Sauce Feature

A triple threat (really whatever an eight-tool threat is) in the Hot Sauce world, Michael Valencia, aka Mikey V, aka Mikey V’s Foods, has made a major impact on his community and the hot sauce world at large.

Mikey V’s Sam Sauce

Through a longstanding hot sauce friendship, Sam Springthorpe (Sam Sauce’s namesake) is the “younger hip guy” of the duo, as Mikey V himself noted in a recent interview.

Dubbed one of the favorite sauces of the year by Brian Ruhlmann of Craft Hot Sauce (the site and podcast), Sam Sauce was created with the inspiration of ingredients from Sam Springthorpe. It’s a medium heat level, but starts to creep into the upper echelon of medium heat sauces.

To the untrained eye, this could look like a jalapeño sauce, but don’t be fooled, the green of the sauce primarily comes from the tomatillos and a bit of jalapeño.

Ingredients: Tomatillos, apple juice from concentrate, 7-Pot Primo Peppers, onions, jalapeño, fresh garlic, water, black vinegar, kosher salt, garlic powder, habaneros, yuzu vinegar

The 7 Pot Primo packs a major punch and as you can see from the video above I was knocked back a bit when it hit. Adding black and yuzu vinegar is something we haven’t seen before, but is likely added for a bit more of a savory/umami taste profile.

About Mikey V’s Hot Sauce

With a host of salsas, sauces, pickles, jerkies and more to his name, Mikey V founded his hot sauce company in the mid 2010s. With roots in Southern California and Hawaii. Grew up on a lot of the Baja style of foods, with very tropical flavors.

For Mikey V, there’s no set process for the creation of his sauces. A majority of them are created when cooking other foods, so each one has a pair that is most well suited for it.

Sauces and salsas are not the only things Mikey V focuses on. He’s also got a hot sauce retail shop and connected taco joint in Georgetown, Texas. Did we mention he also hosts Hot Sauce 101 classes to help teach others how to make sauce? If you enjoy the class and have a passion for starting your own commercial sauces Mikey V also co-packs. In a roundabout way, Mikey V has created his own hot sauce ecosystem in Texas, essentially a Silicon Valley of sauces.

Did we mention September 26th is officially Mikey V Day in Georgetown, Texas? Yep, for several years running. Originally declared in 2017, Mikey V day was created in honor of the opening of his hot sauce shop.

Did we also mention he authored his own hot sauce recipe book, “The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook”? The guy’s everywhere in the hot sauce world.

Veteran-owned and operated, Mikey V Foods is everything we hope to be in the hot sauce community someday.

More on Mikey V’s Foods:

I mean seriously, could the guy get any nicer? In February, during the winter storm that rolled through Texas leaving millions without power, Mikey V opened his doors and was handing out meals for free! A major staple of his community, Mikey Vee is the person in the hot sauce world we want to be when we grow up.

Find Mikey V’s Foods Online

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Video edited and produced by Geoff Peterfy.

Sound Effects from ZapSplat.

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