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Emily G’s – Pepper Vinegar Sauce Hot Sauce Feature

“Based on Grandma’s original recipe” Emily G’s brings us a classic pepper vinegar sauce. A bit different than traditional hot sauces in that it’s not highly blended or concerned with being overly vinegary. It’s a simple sauce that grabs a bit of bite with some habanero peppers on the back end.

The Pepper Vinegar Sauce goes for $6.99 directly from Emily G’s or $7.95 on Fuego Box.

Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, jalapeño peppers, sweet onions, salt, red bell peppers, habanero peppers, garlic and xantham gum

One callout from the ingredient list, especially for anyone watching their sodium intake, this sauce (one teaspoon) contains 160mg Sodium, or 7% DV.

From ingredients alone, we’re expecting a salt-heavy vinegar hit up front, that brings in the flavor of jalapeños and then a bit of a kick from the habanero.

“Try it on roasted vegetables, grilled meats, fish and pulled pork!”

For more ideas on how to use Emily G’s Pepper Vinegar Sauce, check out their recipe page which includes Spicy Slaw, Holy Southern Sausage, and Spicy Artichoke Dip to name a few.

Emily G’s Hot Sauce Lineup

With 13 products in total, Emily G’s Pepper Vinegar Sauce is the only true sauce available from Emily G’s today. All similar food products are jams, with two others sporting some spice: Jalapeño Raspberry and Strawberry Chipotle. There’s also what we believe to be a seasonal jam “Datil Peach Marmalade” that is pretty tasty with some sweet heat to it. Bottom line, JAMS, JAMS, JAMS, JAMS.

We’ve had their Peach Marmalade and the Peach Datil Marmalade.

Gift sets are available with a variety of groupings and run from $22.99 to $100.00 (Spread the Love – 10 jams and Emily G’s cookbook).

About Emily G’s

Started way back in 2008, the legacy of Emily G’s lives on through the work of Jennifer Burns, who started off as a major consumer of the jams. From, “when Burns learned that Emily G’s was considering closing down production, the Burnses bought the company,” which explains why someone not named Emily or with a last name that starts with G, owns the company.

The origin of Emily G’s starts with Emily Myers in 2008 in the middle of the recession. Her husband lost his job and to help make ends meet, she ramped up production of four of her jams and later sold the company to Burns. From four flavors to 18 uniquely blended products, Emily G’s was featured in “Bon Appétit, Wall Street Journal and Martha Stewart Weddings” and is now sold in over 150 locations.

Overall pretty cool story of starting something out of nothing and then saving it right as it was about to be gone forever! Though its exchanged hands, the legacy lives on as do the delicious jams.

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Video edited and produced by Geoff Peterfy.

Sound Effects from ZapSplat.

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