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Hot Sauce News: March 8, 2019

Taco packets for a year, three sauces to honor Supreme Court Justices, and Columbus gets a fiery festival.

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday and Friday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Oregon Man Gets Free Taco Bell For A Year

Last week we mentioned a man who was stuck in the snow for five days in his vehicle and “ate packets of Taco Bell hot sauce to survive” which has since been disproved (there are basically no nutrients that would help), but it’s still a good story. Taco Bell, never one to miss an opportunity, has offered the man a years supply of Taco Bell. Now, whether that means a certain dollar amount or a certain amount of tacos, we have no idea. It is still unclear whether he will eat any of their food or just opt to only eat their hot sauce for nostalgia.

Billie Eilish Becomes Youngest Hot Ones Contestant

If you’re unfamiliar with the series “Hot Ones” by First We Feast, it’s a show where celebrities come interview while eating an array of hot sauces ranging from mild to super hot (Last Dab). This week Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter, became the youngest contestant on Hot Ones. Watch the full video to see how she fared.

Columbus Fiery Foods Festival Tickets Now on Sale

Being based in Columbus, we’ve been to some small fiery foods festivals before, but there is a new festival in town this year that’s going huge. We’re extremely excited about a new festival, the Columbus Fiery Foods Festival on August 10th, presented by CD 102.5 and MGN. CaJohn’s Fiery Foods will definitely be there as well as Clamlube and other local creators. The date is already marked on my calendar. Early bird tickets are available now until the beginning of July.

Brooklyn Hot Sauce Expo Dates and Times Announced

In other fiery festival news, if you’re in the Brooklyn area April 13-14, you’re in luck. The Hot Sauce Expo, running in its seventh year, is coming back to the Brooklyn Expo Center along with 50 hot sauce and spicy food purveyors. Included in the expo will be a host of spectacles: “scheduled events include the seemingly self-explanatory “Spicy Taco From Hell,” “Spicy Pizza of DOOM” and “Death Wing” challenges.” A full list of events can be found here. Which event would you be most likely to participate in?

No Justice Hot Sauce, No Peace

If you’ve ever wanted to taste justice, this is about as close as you’re going to get. has released a 3-pack of hot sauces named in honor of three female Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. The sauces named “Supremely Hot Sauce” run at $10 a bottle and feature Roastin’ RBG (red habanero), Scathing Sotomayor (green habanero) and Kickin’ Kagan (jalapeño). The sauces were created by the same group that created the Golden Girls Hot Sauce pack.

From the Farm

This week Fartley Farms brought you some excellent posts like Growing Peppers: Double Solo Cup Pseudo-Hydroponics Method from Dr. Ryan and two new recipes from Ron himself: O Fartuna, a spicy, basil-filled sauce and the Farts on Fire Ranch Dip.

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