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Hot Sauce News: January 31, 2021

A new food show for Columbus, the spicy fast food battle rages on, a chocolate habanero imperial stout and much more in the spicy world!

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614TV Releasing “Tasting Columbus” Series

Local media company 614 Now, responsible for magazines, the latest and greatest on restaurant week, and the general goings-on of Columbus, is releasing the first video in their “Tasting Columbus” series. Going by 614TV on YouTube, Tasting Columbus will feature food scientist Matt Teegarden traveling around the city talking to 4-5 local food businesses each month. This week he’s traveling to Wario’s Beef and Pork along with a few others, but that house-made whizz. Oh my. Tasting Columbus Playlist here.

Mike Jack Does It Again

Officially recognized as the fastest time to eat 3 Carolina Reaper Peppers, Mike Jack now owns the record at 9.72 seconds! This is his fourth Guinness World Record for chili eating. The action itself took place in November, but Guinness officially released it this week. If you’ve followed his channel, you know he has a high heat tolerance and has been working his way hotter and hotter for some time, sometimes even stripping down to cool off faster. We’re also pleased that our Scorpion Garlic sauce gave him hiccups. A high honor for someone with such a high tolerance. You can also catch a glimpse of him in “We Are The Champions” during the chili eating competition, just look for the headband and glasses.

Limited Time Canadian Habanero Stout Released, Nocturna Habanero

Speaking of Canadians, MonsRegius Bières Artisanales is releasing a new beer called the “Nocturna Habanero,” an imperial chocolate stout with hints of vanilla and habanero.  The Nocturna series is MonsRegius’ Imperial stout series, featuring others like Nocturna Shiraz, Nocturna Kianderi, and Nocturna Fazenda Barreiro. For the Nocturna Habanero, MonsRegius used Québec grown habaneros peppers to give a light layer of heat. What do you think, try it? Or nah.

Trader Joe’s Hot Hot Crispy Habaneros

Trader Joe’s hasn’t shied away from heat in the past, and if this latest Bon Appetit article is any measure, Trader Joe’s has cranked the heat up even further. “It’s a little shred of hell…Previous hot sauces and ghost pepper-this-and-that did not come close” is a pretty bold statement for the Hot Hot Crispy Habaneros, but when you look at the ingredient list, it’s a definite possibility: Olive oil, habanero peppers, salt, garlic powder, lemon pepper. The shorter the better when it comes to spicy ingredients and it looks like we’re going to need to run out and try these. Seems like they’d be perfect on sandwiches or pizza. Photo featured from /u/lb_1417

9 Spicy Snacks From Around the World

We weren’t sure what to expect with this list. Boiling the entire world in 9 snacks only seems like a pretty large undertaking for Fodor’s Travel and the snack category, in general, is gigantic. From standards like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to strange new delicacies like chewy Konjac, this list proves that it’s impossible to chop down to 9 things only. It does seem like a majority of them are crunchy (Corntoz, Tao Kaei Noi Spicy Seaweed, Kasugai Wasabi Peas), but the uniqueness knows no limits. Which do you think you’d tackle first?

so much food from dumplings of fury by fartley farms


Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series: Dumplings of Fury – Szechuan Beef Bao / Sweet and Spicy Wings

We visited Dumplings of Fury in the Center Street Market this past week and tried out two of their spiciest offerings. Full feature here.

Excerpt: Each bite brings the tingling punches of the szechuan peppercorns back, but the heat plateaus at a nice comfortable level. Face slightly warm and a couple of small sniffles later, the Szechuan Beef Bao was gone. I’ll reserve my judgement around the fluffiness of the bun (because it had survived a 15-minute ride home) and say that I would eat it again, but only if I were eating it right after preparation at Center St. Market. Steady heat overall, with enough tingliness to get your attention.

McDonald’s Spicy Nuggs Are Back

We mentioned them before and yes, overall they are not spicy, but for those of you that enjoy them, they are coming back starting tomorrow (February 1). Looks like these are here to stay, especially with McDonald’s prepping to release a spicy chicken sandwich at the end of February. We put together a whole post around the spicy nuggets and the Mighty Hot Sauce to give you objective information, but the rest is for you to decide.

Fiery Sauce Released By Carl’s Jr. for Burgers and Dipping

We are in a full-blown spicy fast food battle it seems. Hopping on the latest “fad” is Carl’s Jr. which is introducing a Fiery Sauce with a Habanero-Ranch base. Connor Toole of Bro Bible highlights some of the different menu items that you can get with the habanero-laced sauce. On burgers, a dipper for chicken tenders or, let’s be honest, a dipper for fries, the sauce is now available at most locations.

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