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Hot Sauce News: September 4, 2020

Buffalo Wild Wings Removes Blazin, Adds Carolina Reaper Option

From the hidden troves of BW3’s Sauce Labs, a new hottest sauce has emerged. Gone are the Blazin’ wings (due to them not doing well it sounds like?) and in are a Carolina Reaper contender. We applaud Buffalo Wild Wings for staying with the times and moving to hotter sauces, unlike some Columbus wing joints that are set in their “habaneros are the hottest” ways.

Berlin Super Hot Chili Project Born From The Pandemic

This is an awesome story of one man having nearly 1,200 pepper plants and very little room to house them. The result was spreading the pepper plant love and sending or delivering plants to 450 locations across Berlin, Germany. Many of you have likely taken up gardening to some degree during the pandemic as well, so it’s likely you can relate. If nothing else, chilis and hot sauce have become a major talking point for one local group. Pretty cool to see.

Alice Cooper Gets Into The Hot Sauce Game

Sporting three flavors, Alice Cooper is one of many rockers dipping their toes into the market. Cooper in particular is leveraging Hot Shots Distributing to make these (from what we can tell). “Welcome to my nightmare” is a Serrano-based sauce with a touch of garlic, lime, and cumin. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” is a medium sauce with aged habaneros and some additional sweetness added to it. Then there is the “Poison” Carolina Reaper hot sauce. No idea what else is in it, but it’s the hottest of the three. Fun label art in the same vein as its namesake, but unsure if the sauces are bringing anything special to the table or if they’ll have you chasing rainbows.

Spiciest Vodka In the Country?

We mentioned Bunster’s a few months ago coming out with their own vodka, but in the United States, there’s one that may top the heat levels of Bunsters. Twelve 33 Distillery in Little River, South Carolina features a 3 Pepper Vodka, infused with Jalapeño, Habanero and Carolina Reaper peppers to give it a spicy edge. Most folks use things like this in bloody mary drinks, which are known to include a kick of heat. We’ve heard our Sweet Habanero hot sauce is another awesome additive if spicy vodkas scare you.

New Spiciest Dish in Columbus

It took a year, but there is a new champion within the city of Columbus for the spiciest dish. Touting an Uncut XXX Inferno sauce, Hoggy’s BBQ is the new Spiciest Dish in Columbus! This one was rough and you can read all about it in our full review.

Mountain Dew Slams Into Hot World

With Basketball superstar Joel Embiid, Mountain Dew is planning on releasing a Habanero hot sauce. Will it be any good? Will you partake? An online poll from Mountain Dew had habanero beating out Fatalii 37% to 31% (with a few others trailing behind). No word yet on what else is in the sauce, but we’ll keep you posted.

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