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Hot Sauce News: May 28, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

How Hot Is Too Hot?

Overall we’re not sure what the intention of this article is, but it has a ton of references to spicy dishes across the United States and is a fun dive into the chefs that make those dishes. It also takes a look at how quickly the market for peppers and hot sauces is expanding.

Iceland Groceries Release Red Hot Chicken Wings

This one confused us because initially it just said “Iceland has really hot wings” and we were like, the country? Turns out Iceland Groceries is a thing in Britain. This summer they released bagged chicken wings that are “made with” Carolina Reapers and so far folks seem to enjoy them. As of this writing it’s sporting a 4.5/5 star rating. If you’re in the area you can pick up a bag for just three pounds. Seems worth it to us!

Hoff Sauce Review

Dr. Ryan and I tried out Hoff Sauce from Hoff and Pepper. It’s a good sauce when mixed with something else, but straight up is a bit too salty.

Spicy Basil Pork Rice Lands Man In ICU

We added this story in this week because it seems to come up frequently when folks talk about spicy foods. “Well it’s dangerous, people go to the hospital,” folks say. They’re not completely wrong, but it’s also generally not directly related to the spiciness itself, but the vomiting that comes after. In this case in Thailand a man asked for “Carolina Reapers” to be added to his basil pork rice (the picture doesn’t have reapers, so we’re skeptical), felt burning in his stomach immediately and was rushed to the hospital when he began vomiting. Another thing we want to point out, there’s little that can be done for you when you get to the hospital. They can essentially give you Tums or other antacids, but you really just have to wait it out.

Recipe: Ssamjang Sauce

We enjoy Korean BBQ whenever we can get it or make it and have come across a great recipe for ssamjang sauce. Make it at home and make it as spicy as you want!

Hottest Dishes In The World

This was a fun post just to learn more about spicy dishes from all over. From the Sik Sik Waat to the Phaal Curry, there are consistently spicy dishes all around the world!

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