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Hoff & Pepper Hoff Sauce Hot Sauce Review

Originally a Fuego Box exclusive, we tried Hoff Sauce, the everyday sauce from Hoff & Pepper. This is a sauce that has gained international recognition and is suggested to pair with “Eggs, Pizza, Wings, Popcorn, and Fruit.” With a mix of Red Jalapeno, Habanero, Chipotle, this is a tabletop hot sauce that is incredibly approachable.

The sauce is a quality red color and without ever knowing what a hot sauce was supposed to look like, you could see this and be like “oh hey, that looks like a hot sauce to me!” A little runny, but not overly so and a few bits of pepper here and there, showing the truth in the hand made batches.

For aroma, the sauce has a good blend of the six simple ingredients and while Ron wasn’t huge on the smell, Dr. Ryan thought it was great and was indicative of a hot sauce of this category. Heavy on the vinegar scent, with a whiff of heat trailing along behind.

When it comes to texture, again, this is what you would expect a hot sauce to look like. Not too runny, not too thick, it’s juuuust right.

Heat and spice, there’s a small kick from the three pepper mix so we gave it high marks in that regard.

A little salty in this mix, but past that, excellent flavor with the vinegar garlic and peppers. Can definitely see this going well with all the suggested foods. This sauce is essentially everything we were hoping Truff Hot Sauce would be.

This is one of the best labels we’ve seen. Creativity on the design is through the roof and the colors along with the matte finish make it an awesome pairing with a great sauce.

All things considered, this is an approachable sauce that could help you get the non-spice heads in your family out of their shell and into the world of hot sauce. It’s not going to cripple anyone, but man, poured onto some fries or dipping fries into it is amazing. No longer a Fuego Box exclusive, you can get a 6.7oz flask for $10 from the Hoff & Pepper website.


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