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Hot Sauce News: April 16, 2019

Game of Thrones inspired spicy foods, a new heat-infused crust and more spicy mayos than you can handle…

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday and Fiery Friday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Not Your Average Red Pepper Flakes

Having backpacked and camped all over the United States, this story of Olde Virden’s Red Hot definitely resonated. When camping, you’re not always going to have the opportunity for delicious dinners, so to unbland your food, hot sauce or pepper can spice things up. That’s the main story behind this different take on red pepper flakes. The base is, obviously red pepper, but then there are some varieties including Spicy Verde, made with anaheim and poblanos and then the base Red Hot, combines five different chile types. Great idea and easy for taking with you on your next backpacking trip.

Domino’s New Tabasco Stuffed Crust – Limited Edition

Available for the next three months (only in the UK), Domino’s is introducing a spicy-crusted pizza to crank up the heat. The Tabasco and cheese stuffed crust pizza will only be available in the UK for the next three months, but will be available in all of their stores. Domino’s also added a 3+ chile scale for this pizza and their new mango habanero chicken wings, turning up the spicy knob on pizza joints. We reached out to Domino’s to see if there was any chance this would be coming to the US, but have not heard anything back.

New Review: Bravado Spice Co. Pineapple and Habanero Hot Sauce

This week we reviewed a hot sauce with a sweet heat that is accessible to most folks. Not overwhelming and very pineapple-heavy, the Pineapple and Habanero is a sauce that could be gone pretty quickly do to its flavor, consistency and heat.

Dragon Fire Wings From Buffalo Wild Wings

Don’t get too excited as this was only available on Sunday for the premiere of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, but BWW served up ghost pepper, soy and ginger sauced wings to honor the return. The “Dragon Fire” wings made their rounds on social media and for whatever reason turned into a “challenge.” Back in my day, eating spicy foods was just a fun thing, no “challenge” involved. Psh, kids these days. It is unknown at this time if the wings will ever be available again, but for now it’s a no.

Spicy Mayo Roundup

If you’re looking for a spicy mayo, whether it be for heating up your potato salad or making a tear-jerking grilled cheese, Mercury News has a great list for you. Choose wisely traveler as some of the mayos mentioned are deceptive. Looks like Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayonnaise could become a staple in our house.

KFC Ad Game On Point

Lots of Game of Thrones related news this week, but KFC’s Hong Kong Ad Department has been on fire with their “Hot & Spicy” campaign. The award-winning campaign replaces flames in photos with fried chicken, a seamless replacement that they grabbed again this week for the premiere of GOT. Regardless of how good the hot and spicy chicken is itself, these ads are awesome.

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