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All Hot Sauces Now Available at Flower City Flavor Company

Exciting news, we are now in the online store for Flower City Flavor Company!

Along with all four of our Fartley Farms hot sauces, Flower City Flavor Company has 175 other sauce and condiment items available on their site.

With 68 brands of hot sauce, you can now get Fartley Farms and a host of others in one convenient spot. Other brands include Karma Sauce, Jersey Barnfire, Angry Goat Pepper Co, High River Sauces and many more.

For this first week, our contacts at Flower City Flavor Company are offering folks 15% off all Fartley Farms sauces with code FART15 at checkout. We’re excited about being able to offer Fartley Farms in more locations and new ways, but remember you can always get more sauce right here on our site as well! Just head on over to the Shop page.

Another awesome feature of Flower City Flavor Company is the ability to mix and match your own hot sauce box. Know exactly the sauces you’re looking for along with your Fartley Farms standards? Add them to the box and get rolling.

The store doesn’t end with only sauce though, from owner Chris Whitehair: “I would say even though not in the spicy realm, the olive oils and vinegars are a big part of our lineup and are made with real ingredients, vs. the artificial or “natural flavors” you find in a lot of other flavored oils/vinegars. Taste is incompatible to the others, it’s so much better.” Speaking of non-hot sauce condiments, keep an eye out for a new Flower City Flavor Company product coming soon! Oils and vinegars include Dark Balsamic, Blueberry Balsamic, Blood Orange Olive Oil and Arbequina Olive Oil, among others.

Shipping out of Rochester, New York, Flower City Flavor Company is the first online retailer outside of Columbus to carry Fartley Farms hot sauce.

Those of you in Columbus can find us at North Market and featured as a wing sauce at Atlas Tavern.

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