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Angry Goat Pepper Co.


You can see them with Hippy Dippy in season 8 of Hot Ones, but Angry Goat Pepper Co. is more than just their jalapeño sauce.

Based out of Vermont, Angry Goat Pepper Co’s most award winning sauce is not the Hippy Dippy, it’s actually the Purple Hippo Hot Sauce. Winner of 7 awards to date, the Purple Hippo Hot Sauce “has one of the most unique flavors there is. Prickly Pear fruit has a watermelon/bubble-gum flavor that pairs very well with spicy peppers. This sauce is groovy, but will make you trip with a Habanero and Scorpion pepper bite. Enjoy the high – the endorphin high that is.”

Fruity ingredients, hot hot peppers and a broad catalog, Angry Goat Pepper Co came away from the 2019 NYC Hot Sauce Expo touting some hardware including first place in the mustard category with their Smoked Maple Habanero Mustard, second place with the Hippy Dippy sauce and another second place with the mild fruit category and their Dreams of Calypso hot sauce.

Angry Goat Pepper Co. Sauces

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