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Columbus Corn Dogs: JT’s Pizza & Pub

The first full Columbus Corn Dog review

For a full look at JT’s Pizza & Pub and their Stupid Hot wings, hop over to our review in “Spiciest Dish in Columbus Series” but for our fresh “Ron Eats Corn Dogs” takes, read on.

Look, we’re somewhat obsessed with corn dogs, all sizes and varieties to be honest. Last week when we posted about the corn dogs at The Thurman Cafe, folks in the Columbus subreddit agreed that we should start finding the best corn dogs in the city, so that’s what we’re aiming to do. This is the first of the series, so bear with us as we get our sea legs.

We’ve narrowed down what makes a good corn dog to cook quality, dog quality, batter quality, dippers, size appropriateness, cost per corny boi, and visual appeal.

fartley farms corn dogs

11 corn dogs.

Cook Quality

Some corn dog establishments leave their corny bois in for too long and you can start to get to a dark brown, but the cook for JTs Pizza & Pub mini corn dogs are perfect. Golden brown, they were in for just the right amount of time. They were also pretty consistent for all 11 with a few getting into darker brown territory. Cook = 8/10.

corn dog by fartley farms

Standard dog in the center.

Dog and Batter Quality

The dog is a fairly standard quality without much to note (should there ever be dog notes?). Easy to bite through and a warm center, we’re giving this dog a 4/5. For the batter, it is the right thickness. Some corn dogs slather it on and you get several centimeters of batter before getting to the dog, but this is a densely packed batter that gets you to the main event right away. We’d prefer a little more fluff in our batter, so this ends up at a 4/5 for batter.


JTs Pizza & Pub mini corn dogs come with a side of honey mustard dipping sauce. The sauce isn’t overly thick, and sticks well to the batter, giving an excellent sweet and tangy zip to the dipping experience. From a grabbing perspective, you’re never worried about the second dip slipping out of your grasp, plunging to it’s mustardy grave. Bonus points if you toss your corn dogs in their Stupid Hot sauce. Dippers = 5/5

fartley farms corn dogs

Thumb measurements for accuracy.

Size and Shape Appropriateness

These corn dogs are billed as “mini” corn dogs. They retain their shape well (not too bloated or skinny) in the shrinkage and measure a little over one thumb thick, two thumbs long, and one thumb deep.  Perfect size for popping a full dog into your mouth or savoring a bit and going for two bites. Size and Shape = 5/5

Cost Per Corny Boi

At $6.50 for 11 mini corn dogs, JTs Pizza & Pub clocks in at $0.59 per corny boi. The grocery market average for a 40-count is roughly $0.18/dog, but $6.50 for 11 in Columbus seems to be pretty fair. CPCB = 8/10

corn dogs fartley farms

Look with your special eyes!


We opened the box and I let out a slight gasp at how pretty these corn dogs looked. Easy 9/10 here.

Final Verdict

  • Cook Quality = 8/10
  • Dog Quality = 4/5
  • Batter Quality = 4/5
  • Dippers = 5/5
  • Size Appropriateness = 5/5
  • Cost Per Corny Boi = 8/10
  • Visual = 9/10
  • Total = 43/50

All things considered, these are pretty great mini corn dogs. Well done JTs Pizza & Pub for an excellent all around corn dog. You have made it to #1 on our list, but keep in mind this could change since this was just the first corn dog review. Until next time, stay corny.

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