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Top Hot Sauce Reviewers on YouTube

We feature hot sauce companies on our own YouTube channel because we enjoy learning about other small batch makers and trying their sauces, but we also love watching other folks experience hot sauce.

After scouring all corners of the Internet, here’s a broad range of reviewers, spicy challenge takers, and other folks that simply like to sweat and/or suffer on camera. Numbers are as of 8/15/20, so the video count and subscribers are likely inaccurate (but similar) at this point.

Bill Moore’s Hot and Spicy Reviews

First Review: PuckerButt Pepper Company’s Purgatory – April 7, 2013
Frequency: Roughly Every Other Day
Most Popular:
Carolina Reaper Review – 59K views
Review Count: 2,195+

One of the hot sauce reviewing legends, Bill Moore is up to 2,195 review videos as of this writing. Calm, cool and collected in his office, Bill Moore gives you a good idea of all factors of the sauce from appearance, aroma, ingredients, and overall niceness. Having watched many of his reviews, we’re not sure if he just loves all hot sauce or just says he does. Either way he has paved the way for so many more reviewers and we appreciate his dedication. He also tends to have some sort of meal that he prepares with the sauces and displays them on his Facebook page. To date he has racked up more than 1.5 million views across all of his videos. His most popular video is him eating a full Carolina Reaper and his response to it. If you’re looking for a true reaction to a Carolina Reaper, it’s a genuine and sincere view into the one-way ticket to Pain-town that the Reaper brings.

Brian Ambs

First Review: HOTTEST PEPPER IN THE WORLD! Carolina Reaper Pepper AND Reaper Chip! – Feb 27, 2017
Frequency: Multiple times per week
Most Popular:
5 year old SPICIEST SNACK CHALLENGE!? – 2.6M views
Video Count: 457+

Skateboarding, photography and spicy things are featured heavily on this channel. It’s one of the more unique channels in that it’s not just hot sauce reviews, but also spicy foods and a lot of spicy challenges with friends. There have definitely been several times where Brian Ambs has found foods that we didn’t know existed in the spicy realm. He spends a lot of time in pain, but he and his crew are some of the more animated spicy eaters on the web. He’s also got a separate channel dedicated to video games, Taco Game Time.

Johnny Scoville

Frequency: Roughly Every Other Day
Most Popular:
Review Count: 1,779+

Another legend in the field going by Chase the Heat, Johnny Scoville is responsible for insanely hot things like the Tube of Terror and spicy utensils like the CTH Hot Sauce Tasting Spoon, made of mother of pearl. He has amassed a following of over 70,000 subscribers and to date has reviews of sauces, challenges, and is currently trying out different pepper pods. The long beard, gruff personality, and honest impressions of sauce make Johnny Scoville a must-watch. Also, for those of you any good with number of days between dates, you’ll notice he has close to one video for every day since he started putting videos on YouTube.

Mike Jack’s Hot Reviews

First Review: 3 Scorpion Peppers and Alien: Covenant – July 8, 2017
Frequency: Roughly Every Other Day
Most Popular:
Paqui One-Chip Challenge (eating 22 chips) – 1.5M views
Video Count: 299+

Starting roughly three years ago, Canadian Mike Jack and some friends kicked off Hot Reviews on YouTube. Fast forward to today and he sits with multiple honors for his chili-eating prowess including fastest time to eat three Bhut Jolokias (9.75 seconds) and most Bhut Jolokias eaten in one minute (97g). On his channel you can find he and his partner in spicy crime Jamie trying sauces, taking down challenges and doing other spicy things. Warning it can get a bit gross from a mucus standpoint, but overall pretty entertaining and gives you a good idea of whether super hot sauces are enough to make him flinch. For what it’s worth he is now converting his social to Mike Jack Eats Heat to do even more spicy challenges as he builds up his tolerance to shatter more world records.

Hot Dang Show (formerly Hot Damn)

First Review: Paqui – One Chip Challenge with Extra Special Sauces! – June 22, 2018
Frequency: Roughly Once a Week
Most Popular:
Video Count: 99

One of the higher quality spicy productions out there, Hot Dang Show is pushing the limits of the human body on spicy challenges. Similar to Mike Jack, Roger Trier sweats, sniffles, and sometimes goes into full-on shivers while pounding through challenges like 32 Paqui or so many Choco Challenge White Lightning squares that his nose started bleeding (the cause behind this was not necessarily because of the capsaicin, but we’ll let your mind go where it wants). Another feature of the Hot Dang Show is the character “Nemesis” who initially controls what Trier does, but eventually become a patsy, making Mac n’ Cheese and making random appearances on the channel. Pretty fun and extremely intense when going through challenges.

Heavy Metal Hot Sauce

First Review: Spicy BBQ Sauces – February 11, 2018
Frequency: Once a week
Most Popular:
Hot Sauce Battle: Tapatio vs. Valentina – 1.9K views
Review Count: 129+

A newer group on reviewers on YouTube, Heavy Metal Hot Sauce adds an extra element to their reviews. Not only do they discuss the sauce, but they also talk about metal music, playing a new or favorite album in the background. Some reviewers have a high heat tolerance, but the tolerance of the main reviewers of Heavy Metal Hot Sauce is low enough that we still get some of the bug-eyed responses to sauces. Fun duo overall.

Ryback aka Feed Me More TV

First Review: Ryback Blazin Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge – Aug 25, 2019
Frequency: Roughly Every Day
Most Popular:
Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge By Paqui VS Ryback While Driving
Video Count: 1,138+

This may be one of the most fun people we’ve been able to put onto this list, primarily because we still remember when he was wrestling in the WWE. He’s a giant, hulking man, but is sometimes leveled by spicy items. He reviews normal things like Subway BBQ, compares fast food burgers, but also does spicy challenges like the Paqui One Chip Challenge, the Tube of Terror, and 5 packs of the 2x Spicy Ramen. There’s something satisfying about a man of this size, that looks like he could rip 8 phonebooks in half with no problem, sweating profusely and wincing in pain as the capsaicin takes over his body.

Heat 101

First Review: Reaper Squeezins From Puckerbutt Pepper Co. – Jan 28, 2018
Roughly once a week
Most Popular: 
Choco Challenge From Fuego Box! – 29K
Video Count: 200

The dynamic duo of Bella and Dark review sauces, take on challenges and more have been putting out videos since the beginning of 2018. We actually got to see Bella smash the competition at the Fiery Foods Festival in 2019 during the chile eating competition. After beating her final opponent, Bella then finished off several extra peppers (we remember them as ghost peppers), chomping through four or five more and proving that she is much more impressive at eating chiles than we will ever be.

The Crude Brothers

First Review: 11-yr-old eats Smart Ass hot sauce – December 4, 2013
Frequency: Very Sporadic
Most Popular:
12-yr-old eats Plutonium (9 Million Scoville) Mad Dog 357 – 12.7M views
Video Count: 152+

This is the first father-son duo I can remember and they’ve been at it for over six years now. It started off pretty tame with Smart Ass hot sauce and trying jalapenos, but have since moved up to sauces like The Source and The Death Nut Challenge. The reactions are what make this duo a lot of fun as it seems like they’re almost trying to see who will give in first. I can definitely relate to that machismo and not wanting to be the first to give up. Videos are more sporadic these days, but their originals are still a lot of fun.

Clifton Chili Club

First Review: 10 Minute Burn Hot Chilli pepper sauce – December 6, 2010
New videos every Sunday at 7:00pm GMT
Most Popular:
Chilli Eating Contest Bath Chilli Festival Sat 26 Sept 2015 – 93M views
Subscribers: 575K
Review Count: 597

Chili eating contests, hot sauce reviews, growing tips and much more, Clifton Chili club has been at it for quite some time. Their most popular video starts a group off with jalapeño peppers, moving up to round 16 and a Carolina Reaper (spoiler alert: Sid Barber wins). This year has primarily been hot sauce and spicy snack reviews, but if you’re looking for pepper eating contests or other contests of the spicy variety, their backlog of videos has you covered.

Other Notable Hot Sauce Reviewers on YouTube

Good Mythical Morning

Frequency: From time to time
Most Popular Spicy Video:
Spicy Food Showdown – 10.4M

Rhett and Link release a new video on their channel everyday, typically food related and from time to time they’ll have spicy adjacent episodes. Always interesting to see folks that aren’t as prepared for hot sauce or spicy treats trying them out.

Phat and Spicy

Frequency: Once a week
Most Popular: 
Blair’s After Death Sauce – 79 views
Review Count: 5

Newer to the hot sauce review scene, father and son duo Phat and Spicy are rolling through sauces and trying them out. The banter between the two is what has us subscribed and watching each review.

Who’d we forget? Let us know on FacebookInstagram or contact us via our contact page.

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