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Melinda’s XXXtra Hot Hot Sauce Review

This is a fairly easy sauce to obtain and is one in a series of four sauces. There’s apparently a 4x hot hot sauce from Melinda’s but here we are reviewing the 3x.

We liked the appearance of this one, it’s a solid color and there are a few seeds floating around, so it’s not overly processed.

When you take a whiff you catch a nice blend of the habaneros and vinegar, plus some hints of the fruitier ingredients.

The texture of this sauce is similar to a sweet and sour sauce and with the flecks that are in there we originally had Melinda’s XXXtra Hot pointed one higher. Once we got that texture in our mouths though, we dialed it down by a pointed because it’s too chunky and was fairly grainy as well.

Not much going for it flavor-wise as it was a bit bland and feels vinegar-heavy. Potentially something you could use when mixing it in, but when it’s a feature it’s probably not the best choice.

For the price and the availability, Melinda’s could be a good option for folks looking to up their heat game, but for us it’s a bit below average, especially in the flavor and heat department for what it is supposed to be.

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