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Kettle Brand Jalapeño Chips – Spicy Snack

Kettle Brand Chips disappear quickly in our household. One variety that doesn’t go quite as quick is the Jalapeño, because the Lady of the Farm appears to be slightly afraid. Well-seasoned and packing a bit of a punch, it’s not uncommon for me to plow through an entire bag of these, but thankfully this time around we had some smaller “snack size” bags available. 

These jalapeño chips from Kettle Brand have a nice crunch and the seasoning shows off the jalapeño heat without giving you the bitterness of the jalapeño itself. Onion and garlic also grace the tater to give it a nice crisp flavor and one that asks you to continue eating the back. 

Great for folks newer to spicy snacks and wanting to ramp up their tolerance, but not a nose-dripper for those more acclimated to heat. But how about you, what’s your favorite spicy chip? Let us know via FacebookInstagram or contact us via our contact page.

I was surprised to learn Kettle Brand has been around since 1982, when they made their first bag. They also do a really nice job on their site of showing off who produces their potatoes and even have a “Tater Tracker” where you can enter the code on your bag to see what farm the potatoes in your bag came from. Pretty cool idea and really lets the folks that start the chip process get some of the credit. Their site also has 25+ recipes of how to use their chips including casseroles, dips, potatoes and even chocolate peanut butter swirl tart (featuring their sea salt chips). 

Also on their list of chips (and likely to pack some heat) they have, Wasabi Ranch, Korean BBQ, Chili Verde, Spicy Queso, Fiery Thai, and Sriracha. Plenty of options and all with the same classic chip base. Crunchy but not to the point where you’re going to shatter your teeth. In recent years they’ve even started to dip into the Krinkle Cut market, so some of those we listed off have less of the wavy look and are all krinkled up. What’s your preferred potato cut? 

Thanks for checking out another Spicy Snack Saturday, hope you have a great weekend!

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