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Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Bacon Hot Sauce Feature

Based in Sparta, New Jersey, Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce has been in business since summer of 2011 and boasts 10 sauces, with this unique sauce as their eleventh. Their original Black Garlic is completely sold out on their site as well as on the Fuego Box site.

The Black Garlic Bacon appears to have been an exclusive with Fuego Box, but I can’t find it anywhere for sale, so at this point it looks like you’re out of luck if you were interested (potentially a super small batch exclusive).

Pepper-wise the Black Garlic Bacon sauce features red jalapeños and habaneros, both of which are well represented and you get a nice heat from each with the habanero sitting toward the back of your mouth a bit more.

We’re still not sure how we feel about the bacon flavor just because it’s a bit overpowering, but hey, that’s probably what you’re expecting with a bacon-flavored sauce. I feel like I’d enjoy the original black garlic sauce a bit more as that’s already a huge wallop of flavor. The heat subsides quickly and you’re left with a mouth full of bacon flavor, both rich and savory. The Black Garlic Bacon from Jersey Barnfire would likely be a good sauce for eggs, tacos, anything where bacon seems appropriate.

Jersey Barnfire will be back at farmer’s markets soon in the New Jersey area, so if you’re out there keep your eyes out for their stand.

Something cool about Jersey Barnfire is they feature the farms that they get their peppers from on their site so you can learn more about the folks that helped produce the produce that went into your sauce. Jersey Barnfire won the NYC Hot Sauce Expo Screaming Mi Mi Award in 2019 for their Indian Summer sauce, a Caribbean style sauce with a mustard base and scotch bonnets. You can find them throughout New Jersey, or on their site at One of their sauces that has our eye is their Smoked Ghost Taco sauce, with tomatoes, white vinegar, water, apple cider vinegar, sugar, smoked ghost pepper, salt, spice, garlic powder, onion powder, xanthan gum. The flavor of smoked ghost peppers elevates their tastiness while not taking away too much of the heat.

What is Medium Monday? Medium Monday is a chance for us to go through new hot sauces that we dub “medium” in heat, essentially doing some market research and trying new flavor profiles while also featuring another small batch hot sauce maker. Each week, Medium Monday and Too Hot Tuesday features a small batch hot sauce maker we’ve either chatted with, admired, or noticed something cool that they were doing within the hot sauce space. These are not intended to be reviews because all sauces have different unique qualities and as creators ourselves we’d rather feature the sauce and the company instead of nitpick at where a sauce doesn’t meet a set of numbers. We’ll leave that up to the experts. Have a sauce or small batch hot sauce maker you think we should try? Let us know on FacebookInstagram or contact us via our contact page.

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