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Hot Sauce News: February 26, 2019

Chicken, chocolate, and CaJohns helping the Chile Pepper Institute…these are the hot takes.

What The Cluck – McDonald’s Introducing Three Spicy McChicken Sandwiches

Fast food restaurants getting into the hot pepper game is nothing new. It’s become trendy as of late with Wendy’s, Taco Bell, White Castle and Red Robin all sporting some sort of ghost pepper food in the past year, darn Millenials. It’s no surprise McDonald’s has now joined that trend with their latest additions to the menu. Introducing the Ghost, Jalapeño and Habañero McChickens, available until March 11.

McDonald’s is also trying to get the hashtag #SpiceFace to trend, but lets be real, no one calls their spicy food face Spice Face. No chunks of the pepper, but the sandwiches will each be slathered in their respective sauces. Don’t look too hard in the states as Canada appears to be the only area of the offering. Ghost Peppers rank at ~1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), while habañeros come in around ~300,000 SHU and jalapeños only hit ~5,000 SHU.

CaJohns Helps New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute Get Funded Forever

If you were unaware, New Mexico State University has a full division set up for the study of chile peppers. They have even made a sauce in the past using the Bhut Jolokia called “Holy Jolokia.” Can confirm, it is pretty hot. This week, the CPI was able to lock down funding for the future, raising the $1 million necessary to fund its endowment chair. “The endowed chair ensures that funds will always be available for chile pepper research at NMSU.” The part of this story that makes it even better is that Columbus’ own Sue and John “CaJohn” Hard donated one of the final checks to the effort. CaJohns’ ties to the Chile Pepper Institute date back to 2008.

Choco Challenge Heating Up

A new viral challenge is sweeping the nation and it’s all thanks to the fiery folks at Fuego Box. The Choco Challenge features what Fuego Box is calling Cocoa Loco, a spicy piece of chocolate infused with the black reaper pepper, a hybrid of the standard reaper that is supposed to be even hotter. There is a good cause behind this challenge, with $5.00 going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for every bar purchased. If you film it, eat it and share it, you could win a year’s supply of hot sauce. Winners for the year’s supply of hot sauce will be selected in March. With the standard carolina reaper standing out at a stout 1.5 to 2.2 million SHU, would you take the challenge?

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