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Hot Sauce News: November 17, 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Tuesdays we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

New Netflix Series To Feature Chili Eating Competitions

Hot sauce and chilis are both becoming more mainstream by the day and the latest addition to the spicy world solidifies it. “We Are The Champions” debuts today on Netflix and will feature bizarre sports and events from around the world. Episode 2 will be of most interest to folks spice seekers with all the classic chili eaters including Johnny Scoville, Columbus chili eating winner Bella from Heat 101, and many more! Those that are used to seeing chili eating competitions or used to watching spicy challenges on YouTube won’t be shocked by the event itself, but still cool to see it becoming more popular.

Pringles Launching Scorchin’ Series

As we created this collection, we knew spice was important, but we also wanted to preserve the insanely accurate flavors our fans have come to expect from our products.” Those insanely accurate flavors will now get a spicy little nudge, though it’s unclear what peppers or spices will be used. From the press release it looks like Cayenne pepper will be involved in at least the Scorchin’ BBQ, but who knows. These large companies are so secretive with their spice lists. SHOW US WHAT MAKES IT SPICYYYYYY.

Live look at us outside any chip manufacturer that hides their spice list.

Mountain Dew Hot Sauce Reviews Rolling In

If you were unaware, Mountain Dew teamed up with Joel Embiid to create a Mountain Dew-based hot sauce (for some reason). The sauce was released to select individuals, some of whom are enjoying it and some not so much. Of those around the hot sauce community, the habanero sauce seems to only drum up a few drops of sweat and man is it runny. Bill Moore rolled it around quite a bit in his review, showing the consistency was about as thin as a can of Mountain Dew itself, while Roger Trier sipped it straight through a straw. What do you think, once they release more than 500 bottles, would you try it out?

Touchless Cholula Dispenser Proves Technology Is Great

With sanitation and preventing the spread of germs becoming increasingly important during these COVID times, great minds emerge with great products. Such is the case with Cholula and Simplehuman with their latest spicy invention. Many restaurants have removed hot sauce bottles from tables, so this comes as a perfect replacement at a fairly low cost (of $130). The dispenser will be available starting December 1st, includes a half-gallon jug of the popular hot sauce, and is “optimized for the best saucing experience“.

Gorillaz Announce Their Own Hot Sauce

First Gringo Bandito (by Dexter Holland of The Offspring), then Alice Cooper, and now Gorillaz? Seems like a trend of music folks getting into the hot sauce game. Gorillaz are releasing a three-pack of sauces, called Hobbs Hot Sauce, including Ghost based Killah, a ghost pepper based sauce, Pickle Trickle, and interesting blend of cactus and pickled jalapenos, and Chipotle, a chipotle sauce. The sauces are available for pre-order with an Early December shipping date. Cost of the three-pack is $34.99 and includes: Ghost based Killah (Red Pepper, Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice, Ghost Pepper (7.5%), Chipotle, Salt, Paprika), Pickle Trickle (Pickle Jalapeno Slices (Green Jalapeno Peppers 52%), Water, Salt, Tomatillo, Cactus, Apple Juice, Cider Vinegar, Cucumber, Salt, Sugar, Dill, Dried Ghost Pepper), and Chipotle (Apple Juice, Cider Vinegar, Red Pepper, Water, Chipotle (8.2%), Smoked Paprika Salt, Scotch Bonnet Mash (Scotch Bonnet Chilli 83%), Salt, Garlic Powder).

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