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Hank Sauce – Iceman Hot Sauce Feature

This is the The Iceman, a 2012 Thriller with Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder where…wait, sorry, wrong Iceman. THIS Iceman is one of the latest from Hank Sauce, based out of Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

This sauce is one of their seasonals, meaning that it will likely be out of stock for a bit longer (currently not available on their site). Iceman is one that we’ve wanted to try for a while because you don’t see many sauces that are this color. It’s a whiteish yellow, likely brought on by the garlic and salted butter. Hank Sauce is a bit unique in that many of their sauces contain a small amount of butter in their sauces. The “legend” goes that Hank accidentally spilled some whiskey into the original batch and I can say we’ve had a few happy accidents ingredient-wise, so I’d say this is totally plausible. 

The Iceman Cometh

Iceman stands as the hottest sauce in their lineup, loaded with habaneros and trace amounts of whiskey. Full ingredient list (in order) is: Vinegar, Habanero peppers, Whiskey, Garlic, Butter, Cilantro, Xanthan gum. Simple recipe overall, but the whiskey/garlic/cilantro combo make for an interesting list. The bottle we procured from Fuego Box is a little five ounce guy, but all Hank Sauce sauces from their site comes in eight ounce bottles. 

When you take a whiff of the Iceman, you get a lot of the garlic. Nothing else really graces your nostrils other than the full smell of cloves of garlic. Pouring it out it’s nice and smooth, thanks in large part to the butter we’re guessing. There is no xantham gum in this sauce, so the smoothness is attributed to the only other coagulate in the bottle. It slides gently around on a spoon and pours pretty nicely as well. 

The heat from Iceman is almost immediate. You get some of the flavor of the habanero with a hefty zing of garlic and then a big punch of the habanero heat. In most cases whiskey flavor is the only thing left when adding whiskey to a cooked sauce, but there’s an extra burn that feels like it’s coming from the whiskey (unconfirmed). The heat dips away fairly quick and you’re left with a tiny cilantro taste and enough garlic breath to ward of vampires. 

Overall a tasty sauce that goes well with chicken, could also see this as a pasta sauce additive because of the heavy garlic content. The label-work is excellent and the words in a fish shape is one of the more unique logos out there. 

More on Hank Sauce

Other seasonal sauces from Hank Sauce include the Honey Habanero (habaneros and honey take center stage), Witches Brew (jalapeños added to their Cilanktro essentially), and The Linger (somewhat of an aged pepper tobasco-style sauce).

Fun fact, Hank Sauce has their own restaurant in Sea Isle City, NJ. Their menu this week included High Thai’d Wings (tossed in small batch thai pepper sauce), The Benjamin Hanklin (beef steak topped with shallots, pepper relish and cheese whiz), and the Chimi Buffett (grilled grouper topped with housemade chimichurri sauce and thai slaw). I suppose when your sauce creator is a chef this thing becomes much easier, but still super cool to see a sauce company that also has their own restaurant. 

You can still get their “core four” on the site for $6.00 per eight ounce bottle, a pretty good deal if you’re asking us. Which you didn’t, but that’s we think regardless.

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