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Eight and Sand Tavern – Columbus Corn Dogs

The ‘Douille Dog, a guest post told in 4 parts by The Weiner Queen herself.

Eight and Sand Tavern

Tucked away on a corner, on the outskirts of the city in Hungarian Village, is a cozy dive bar oasis with a decent beer list, a fenced-in patio, and pleasantly clean bathrooms. This atmospheric bar, Eight and Sand, just happens to have some of the best bar food in the city. It is a typical neighborhood bar, moody yet inviting and unpretentious. And on their food menu created by Danielle Leeman formerly of Blind Lady Tavern, featured among the “Big Dogs”, is the ‘Douille Dog – a magnificent corn dog I find myself dreaming about. 

eight and sand menu and the doille dog

Behold! The mighty corny boi

Dippers and Batter

The ‘Douille Dog is served with honey curry mustard and kettle chips, with the option to upgrade to thin-cut fries. I upgraded to fries, because why the hell not? The corn dog arrives slightly dark, but certainly not burnt. The crisp jalapeno corn batter is thinner than most traditional corn dogs, but the thinness allows the exterior to perfectly complement the andouille sausage, not overpower it. There is no soggy batter hiding out here! 

Dog Quality

The quality of the sausage itself is great – it was juicy, flavorful, with a good bite to it, and can stand on its own as a sausage. When dipped into the whole grain mustard, the flavor of the corn batter, the smoky sausage, and the tangy spice of the mustard together was a joyful celebration of a high-quality corn dog. 

douille dog eight and sand in fry basket

Big ol’ corn dog.


I humbly consider myself to be a corn dog connoisseur, it’s long been one of my favorite foods, and the “Douille Dog” at Eight and Sand is among the best I’ve ever had. While nontraditional, it hits and exceeds all the expectations of a good corn dog, and at $7.00 a dog, the cost is more than fair. 

Reminder, we’ve narrowed down what makes a good corn dog to cook quality, dog quality, batter quality, dippers, size appropriateness, cost per corny boi, and visual appeal. Below are the final scores from The Weiner Queen.

  • Cook Quality – 8/10
  • Dog Quality – 4/5
  • Batter Quality – 4/5
  • Dippers – 5/5
  • Size appropriateness – 5/5
  • Cost per Corny Boi – 10/10
  • Visual – 9/10
  • Total – 45/50

About The Weiner Queen

The Weiner Queen resides in Columbus, Ohio, and spends her time moonlighting as a sausage connoisseur. Follow @theweinerqueen on Instagram for edible weiner content.

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Keep an eye out each quarter as The Weiner Queen comes back to talk about another corn dog experience!

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