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Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce Hot Sauce Review

Heavy on the jalapeño, Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce was created as an anytime sauce.

Ingredients of note after the jalapeño, it contains liquid amino, which we haven’t seen used all that much in a hot sauce. It’s essentially a mild-flavored soy sauce, with about the same amount of sodium. Swett Sauce also contains honey, adding a bit of sweetness overall.

Appearance: It’s definitely brownish in color, with a lot of pepper flakes throughout the sauce along with a lot of seeds. Seed-wise it’s more than we’d typically like to see and they are largely a darker color, so not quite as bright as we’d hope for. 3/5

Aroma: Heavy notes of jalapeño and vinegar, similar to our own Follow Your Fart, which is heavy on the serranos. The sweetness of the honey sticks out a bit, but past that we didn’t pick up on much else. Good vegetal smell of peppers. 4/5

Texture: Overall mouth-feel is pretty good, gives you a good indicator of the ingredients that are in the sauce. A bit runny with some flakes and seeds, but the runny-ness knocks it down a bit in our rating. 4/5

Heat/Spice: As a jalapeño sauce, you’d hope to get a jalapeño burn and Swett Sauce brings just the right amount for a table sauce. Their rating of 2/4 in heat (on the label) is the main reason for docking a point here. Wouldn’t quite call it the medium that Fuego box gives it, but heat is roughly as expected. 4/5

Originality: Overall, jalapeño sauces are nothing new, but the touch of honey and the liquid amino took this back up to a 3/5

Flavor: Really enjoyed the flavor on this one.  There’s a sweetness that sticks with you and lingered on the lips with the right amount of heat. Would especially be good mixed in with rice, beans or chicken. 4/4

Label: Love the typography on this one and the suspicious chicken is pretty great as well. No-brainer on this one. 5/5

Overall: After tallying everything up, Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce sits at a 43/50. Good sauce, but we’d be curious to see what the Ghost Pepper version brings to the table.

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