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Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce Feature

Well, here it is. Likely one of the hotter sauces we’ll try on a Too Hot Tuesday and it’s all for science.

Spicin Foods, creator of many hot sauces, is known for one of the gnarliest, most brutal sauces ever made. You’ve likely seen it on Hot Ones or you’ve heard the ghost stories told around the spicy campfire. That’s right, we’re talking about Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. The #8 wing sauce on many episodes of Hot Ones (seasons 2-12+), Beyond Insanity is the sauce people get to and almost instantly regret.

Spicin Foods embraces this, calling Da Bomb Beyond Insanity “The Hot Sauce that Everyone Loves to Hate.”

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Ingredients: Habanero Peppers (Habaneros, Salt), Chipotle Puree (Chipotles, Water, Salt, Citric Acid), Water, Orange Juice Concentrate, Natural Pepper Flavoring (aka extract), Tomato Paste, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (to preserve freshness).

Important to note that while the ingredients don’t call it out specifically, the bottle makes it very clear that they use natural pepper extract to crank up the Scovilles.

While Da Bomb has a hefty heat, it’s one of the lowest on Spicin Foods’ Da Bomb line of sauces. Other sauces include: “Ghost Pepper at 22,800 Scovilles, Beyond Insanity at 135,600 Scovilles, Ground Zero at 321,900 Scovilles, and The Final Answer at a killer 1.5 million Scovilles!” The Final Answer comes in the smallest bottle and has a price tag of $44, so it’s unlikely that many people are going out of their way to purchase it unless they are real gluttons for punishment.

When we went to Yats in Grandview, I had some of Ground Zero on a piece of bread and it uh…it was pretty brutal.

Da Bomb hot sauces are not to be confused with Da Bomb Bath Fizzers that make awesome bubbles in the bath. The sauce will make you tingle, but not in the way you’d want a bath tub to tingle.

To make it clear that Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is not for the weak of fart, it was discussed in a Mashed article titled “The Untold Truth of Hot Ones” that Chrissy Teigen had to take doses of CBD pills for two weeks after her Hot Ones appearance to chill an eyebrow twitch that startly shortly after. Teigen blames it on Da Bomb directly.

Rumors point to Da Bomb Beyond Insanity being created as a competitor for Dave’s Insanity Sauce which we tried previously, but that theory was unable to be proven.

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity was a 1999 Scovie Award Winner.

So how hot is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity? Well, according to Original Juan and Spicin Foods, from the lab testing that was done on the sauce, it’s over 135,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units)

Reviews of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

Amazon is a treasure trove of fantastically worded reviews, especially around a sauce like Da Bomb. Many folks note the acid-y flavor of the extract and the intense pain the sauce generates, while others didn’t realize what they were getting into. Here are a few of our favorite excerpts:

“Ever wondered what a civil war field amputation felt like? Well here’s your chance!”

“My husbands and his co worker tried this and it sent his co worker to the hospital becuase he kept throwing up!…Please use with caution.”

“Like getting stung in the mouth by a jellyfish. HOT acid flavor. Not a good taste or flavor at all. Just pain for no reason.”

“Three stars: WORST LUBE EVER!!!!!!!!!”

“One star: Guess I can put it in the trash can and keep the bears away.”

Another common theme, and this appears to be true with the bottle type for Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is that the cap arrives cracked. I had a bottle of Dave’s Insanity do the same thing where you tighten it too far and the cap itself cracks. Be warned, though it isn’t extremely likely to happen.

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity vs. Ground Zero

We’ll let you all be the judge based on the video above and the video below. In my opinion Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is a better flavor, though still not great, but Ground Zero is hands down hotter. There is video evidence for both, so feel free to tell us what you think based on what you see!

About Spicin Foods

Previously known as Original Juan Specialty Foods, Spicin Foods is the saucy umbrella company of these other spicy makers that you may also be familiar with:

  • Pain is good
  • Da’Bomb
  • American Stockyard
  • Kettlewood Combustion Co.
  • Fiesta Juan

Original Juan Specialty Foods was founded in 1999 by Joe Polo who made the first Micro batches in 1997. They currently produce over 1,500 unique products and have won hundreds of awards for their sauces.

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