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Columbus Corn Dogs: Marshall’s

This past weekend we ventured down to a relatively unknown strip of Grandview to partake in some food. Lo and behold, we found some corn dogs that needed eating.

Tucked in with The Old Spot and The Butcher & Grocer, Marshall’s is in the center of Grandview just off of Northwest Blvd. We initially were going to review their “Hot Be Wise” sauce, but it registered extremely low on our scale, so we’re punting and will have a different review on Friday. Anyway, on to the corn dogs!

Reminder, we’ve narrowed down what makes a good corn dog to cook quality, dog quality, batter quality, dippers, size appropriateness, cost per corny boi, and visual appeal.

corn dogs by fartley farms at marshalls restaurant

Golden corny bois for your viewing pleasure.

Cook Quality

At first glance, these appear to be a nice golden brown, a crispy outside with a fluffy center, but the inside revealed some still wet batter. Whether that’s from extra dog condensation or not leaving it in long enough is unknown (we are but mere corn dog mortals), but not quite what we’re looking for in the middle. In the below picture in the top right of the corn dog you can even see the batter trying to pull away from the dog. Looking for the fluffiness to pad into the corn dog from the crispy outer shell, filling all of the empty space. Cook = 5/10.

corn dogs by fartley farms at marshalls restaurant

Dog and Batter Quality

No complaints here on the dog quality and the batter tasted fine, though a tad undercooked. Warm in the middle for the dog and decent quality (though probably a chicken/pork dog combo), we’re giving this dog a 3/5. The batter thickness is a little more than we’d like and if it had fluffed up all the way would have been a pretty thicc thickness. Thickness 3/5.


No dippers come with the corny bois. We ended up asking for a side of the Hot Be Wise sauce to dunk the dogs into, expecting some sort of kick, but it was primarily just a vinegary zing. It was almost like Frank’s Hot Sauce, with some extra dry spices added in. When we have to request dippers, that tends to get our lowest dipper score, but because it was a decently sized side sauce, we’ll give dippers a 2/5.

hot be wise at marshalls restaurant by fartley farms

The Hot Be Wise sauce…

Size and Shape Appropriateness

These corn dogs are labelled as “mini” corn dogs and we believe that to be an accurate assessment. Fairly uniform in shape with only a few defects here and there, the corn dogs measure about a thumb deep, two thumbs long and one and a half thumbs thick. There were a few stouter fellows, but we’ll not knock it too much. Size and Shape 4/5.

corn dogs at marshalls by fartley farms

A stout corny boi.

Cost Per Corny Boi

The lady of the farm stole one before I could get a picture, but there are 10 per basket. At $6.99 per basket, that rounds out to $0.70 per corn dog. A bit higher than we typically like. Cost 6/10.


At first glance, these look pretty, especially with a more golden tinge. 9/10 for purdy lookin’ dogs.

Final Verdict

  • Cook Quality = 5/10
  • Dog Quality = 3/5
  • Batter Quality = 3/5
  • Dippers = 2/5
  • Size Appropriateness = 4/5
  • Cost Per Corny Boi = 6/10
  • Visual = 9/10
  • Total = 32/50

While it’s #2 on our list, we’ve only reviewed 2 corn dogs at the time of this writing. May have been an off night for the corny bois, but we’d be okay passing on these the next time. Plenty of other items to check out at Marshall’s Restaurant in Grandview. Until next time, stay corny. You can find additional corn dog reviews on our full list.

If you are a spicy adventure seeker, be sure to check out our spiciest dish in Columbus series and hit us up if you have any suggestions that are not already on our list!

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