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Choosing A Hot Sauce Bottle – Common Bottle Types

One of the hardest things to decide as a hot sauce maker is what to use from a bottle standpoint. You may be thinking, well duh, just the basic bottle that most hot sauces come in. That’s a pretty easy answer and may be good enough, but we think about this a lot and figured we’d let you know all the different bottle types that are out there.

Below we’ve outlined some of the more common types to potentially help you in your search for the perfect hot sauce bottle, whether you are an amateur or about to go pro.

Woozy bottles are the most common for hot sauce.

Woozy Bottle

This is the classic, Model-T of hot sauce bottles. Countless sauces have and will forever be put into these bottles and they can be purchased just about anywhere. Most woozys hold five ounces (5oz) of liquid. Classic hot sauces that we’ve tried are the CaJohn’s Hydra, The Last Dab and more. The woozy is extremely common and easy to acquire.

Wide Mouth Woozy Hot Sauce Bottle

Similar to the above woozy…but…with…yeah, a wide mouth. The cap is a bit more squat than the standard woozy cap, and in a lot of cases is available as a metal cap.

Boston Round

Typically a two or four ounce bottle (2oz, 4oz) the Boston Round is basically a woozy without the neck. Some folks point to the neck being helpful for not dumping too much sauce out at once and is a drawback of the Boston Round. Overall we like the sleeker look of the Boston Round and it takes up a little less space, so it’s easier to lug around. We use the 2oz versions to send out as testers when we are trying out new recipes. Neck size is typically 20-400. A lot of extracts use the Boston Round and a dropper to make sure you don’t use too much on accident. Sauce makers using the 4oz are Cutino Sauce Co., Kultivar & Co., and Da Bomb.

Stout Round

Similar to the Boston Round but a bit beefier, the Stout Round hot sauce bottle comes as an eight, twelve or sixteen ounce (8oz, 12oz, 16oz) and is primarily used for barbecue sauces, marinades, and dressings.

Flask bottle for hot sauce is fairly uncommon


A fairly uncommon bottle type, several companies use flasks almost exclusively for their sauces. The most common that sauces use are the 200ml Flint Glass flasks. In most cases, people will say it’s 7 ounces, but at 200ml (as far as we can tell) is really only 6.76 ounces. WHERE’S OUR OTHER .24 OUNCES?! It’s a cool look and makes for a nice label face, but generally runs about twice the cost per unit of others. Hot sauce makers Pain is Good, Kalahari Pepper Company, Lottie’s, and Hoff & Pepper.

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