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2021 Guide to Spicy Gifts in Columbus

You’re running out of time friends, the end of December is approaching, which means you’ve got mere days to do your last-minute shopping.

In cases where you live with a heatseeker or spicy food lover in Columbus, we’ve got some last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers to help you out.

Ujjo – Hot Sauce for Coffee

Ujjo hot sauce for coffee burst onto the hot sauce scene earlier this year in one of the most successful Kickstarters we’ve ever seen and as far as we know the most successful hot sauce Kickstarter of all time ($40k on a $5k campaign). We had a chance to talk to owner Lauren D’Souza a while back as she was getting started and while we haven’t released that interview (because we’re awful at following up sometimes) learning about the how and why of Ujjo was a lot of fun.

With no vinegar, and recipes specifically designed for dark roasts (cocoa, molasses, cinnamon) or light roasts (citrus, ginger, earthy), these are great for the hot-heads in your life that want spice in absolutely everything. You can get both of her sauces for $28.00 on their site (which has a 10% off pop-up at the time of this writing).

Peter’s Peppered Peanuts

This is a solid intro to a super hot snack for those who may not be ready for the Death Nut challenge. It’s a solid roasted peanut and the Carolina Reaper seasoning is well-done. One peanut could likely kill someone from the “mayo is spicy” crowd, but a handful is doable for those more accustomed to spicy foods. The linger is likely the thing that will excite people or make them question their life choices. About a handful of nuts in, I stopped to check out the effects. Six minutes later I could still get that familiar flavor and heat of the Carolina Reaper in the back of my throat.

If eating a bowl of these was a “spiciest dish in Columbus” they’d probably land between 10-20 depending on spice coverage. Great addition to the spicy Columbus arena. You can get one six ounce bag for $8.00 and we believe they are still doing free delivery in the Columbus area. Just please, please, please, wash your hands after eating.


Home to the spiciest wing we’ve ever eaten, Hoggy’s is now doing a “one wing challenge” with their Three Mile Island sauce and it looks like they may even be twirling it in some super hot powder after. Either way, their sauce is more available than it was previously and is hot enough to make even the sturdiest of your spicy friends take a deep breath.

Hoggy’s has two-meal gift certificates available for purchase on location, so go give them a shout and help your friends try the spiciest dish in Columbus this holiday season.

Flavor & Fire

If you want a one-stop-shop to go somewhere and be done with it, Flavor & Fire in the North Market is the place to go. Carrying sauces from Clam Lube, Flavor & Fire, our sauces, and many others, you’ll be able to find a sauce for every heat range, even those that prefer mild.

For the people you want to see cry (not tears of joy) or enjoy the super super hot challenges, Flavor & Fire just released their Cry Baby 6, a diabolical extract sauce that contains 6 million Scoville extract, black pepper, and wasabi, to hit all of the dangerous aspects of the reaction spectrum. Flavor & Fire also has a ton of salsas and spice mixes to choose from if sauces aren’t on the list for those to whom you are gifting.

The Butcher & Grocer

Seriously, just look at these sausages.

The Butcher & Grocer is constantly leveraging their sausage scientists to create spicy meats, so why not snag a gift card for your grilling fiend of a friend who also enjoys the spicier side of life? Gift cards are available in-store or online at increments of $10/$25/$50/$100/$250. While you’re there, you may as well pick up some meats for yourself and you’ll have a chance to snag some Fartley Farms as well, as it’s one of the many stores that are selling our sauces here in Columbus.

Fartley Farms Hot Sauces

Look, we at least put ourselves at the bottom of the list. We’ve still got three delivery days available before Christmas, so if you’re in the Columbus area, get some awesome award-winning sauces from yours truly to spread the gift of heat this holiday season.

Have other local suggestions for spicy gifts to dish out? Let us know. At the end of the day, if you’re not sure what to do, you can always take a look at our spiciest dish in Columbus list and treat your friends and family to one of the spiciest dishes in the city!

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