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Spicy Super Bowl Snacks For Sunday

If you’re prepping to host the big game and want to crank up the heat, try out some of these snack ideas.


Buffalo Chicken Dip: About as classic as you can get, Buffalo Chicken Dip mixes the best parts of wings into a less messy form that can be scooped with just about anything. Carrots, chips, carrot chips, actual wings, it doesn’t matter. Just dip it on in there. Tangy, chicken-y, with just enough kick. This dip hits harder than Richard Sherman.

Jalapeño Popper Dip: Another dip that is basically a deconstructed version of another delicious appetizer classic. Easy to make, hard to screw up, this is one of our favorites. 2 sticks of cream cheese, melt a bit, add shredded cheese, diced jalapeños, chorizo (if you’re a next level spicy person), mix it alllll up and then cover with another layer of shredded cheese. Pop that bad boy in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes and serve.

7-Layer Dip: This is one that the lady of the farm and I use to make every Super Bowl. A layer of beef, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, beef, cheese and any other layer you think is good. Slap that bad boy in the oven (think about whether the guac and sour cream layers should go in afterward) and get the cheese all melty. Might we recommend some Willie’s Hot salsa or Ridiculously Good’s hottest salsa for this one?

Beer Cheese: If you’re going to be drinking beer during the big game, why not put some into your face in cheese form? Adding in some habanero or ghost powder to your melty dish is bound to give folks the sweats.

Salsa. Lots of different salsas you could buy, but the spiciest salsas come from within (your home). Chop up some super hots and pack them in to a pre-made salsa or a homemade salsa. Hard to go wrong with salsa overall.

Chili Cheese Dip: One of the simplest dips you can make (they’re all pretty simple honestly), and one of the first we ever made, it’s two ingredients. One can Hormel Chili (no beans) and one package of Velveeta, diced. Microwave, bake or put it into a slow cooker to get yourself a fast cheesy dip. Add Carolina Reaper powder if you’re amongst the spiciest of friends. Definitely let them know though. No one needs a 1.6 million SHU surprise while Jimmy G is traipsing around on the field.


While it’s tempting to get something like Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips, we’d say go with classic Tostito’s or more plain chips and use the above dips to level up the heat. In most cases the spicy chips are disappointing.

fartley farms corn dogs

11 corn dogs.

Mini Corn Dogs. Duh. This is an easy decision. From microwaving to putting them in an air fryer, we’d posit that there is no wrong way to heat up a corn dog.

woodys 5th degree wings and diablo-q

If you could not determine, 5th Degree on the left, Diablo-Q on the right.

Wings. It’s said that Americans will eat more than one billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl. Don’t be another statistic. Wait, did we say don’t? No, definitely do! So many wings, so little time, but if you’re in Columbus here are some spots to try out: Roosters, Atlas Tavern, The Filling Station, JT’s Pizza & Pub, Woody’s Wing House, OH Pizza & Brew, Hoggy’s, and Winking Lizard. Smoked, grilled but generally best unbreaded, get ye some wings!

Jalapeño Poppers: Crunchy, flaky bois, or just baked in their jalapeño shell, poppers are one of our favorite apps. The more cream cheese the better and if you use bacon, you are our hero.

So many spicy foods and so little time. Let us know which ones we missed on Instagram, Facebook or via our contact page.


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