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How to Create a Spicy Easter Basket

Easter is coming up fast and if you’re the type to create Easter baskets for your family, why not get a bit spicy this year?

This doesn’t have to be Easter only, it could also be a fun gift basket to give to any of your spicy friends for birthdays or holidays. For starters, get yourself a basket to hold all of the goodies. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can get some fake stuff from Party City or any other party supply store. It’s also called Crinkle Paper, just in case you can’t find the fake grass you want.

Spicy Easy Basket

Sweets to Add To Your Spicy Basket

Any good Easter basket starts with some chocolate. There are a LOT of chocolates and we mentioned a few in our Valentine’s Day ideas, but why not some Sriracha-based chocolates?

We found these at World Market, as well as some Tabasco chocolate.  You can find a variety of spicy foods there but options vary by store.

You can find a ton of other spicy chocolate options on Amazon so get creative with what you add to your basket.

We were skeptical initially, but we also recommend tossing in some Bean Boozled Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly for two reasons. Reason one, jelly beans and Easter go together like eggs and Easter (?)…and reason two, they’re actually pretty spicy. We reviewed them just for you, going through the all four heats capped off with the Carolina Reaper.


Salty to Add Into Your Basket

Can’t have sweet without something salty as well, so toss in some snacks like HABANERO CHICKPEAS. So many salty spicy options to choose from, but for real heat you’ll likely have to go with a habanero or ghost pepper bag. While some jalapeño snacks don’t make the grade when it comes to actual heat we’ve got a few in mind.

The Herr’s Jalapeño Popper Cheese Curls didn’t last a full day in our house and are a nice little side kick to your other basket items.

You could also think about some Jalapeño popper kettle corn that says “salt” on the front of the bag so you know it’s salty.


Hot Sauce for Your Basket

Think about what your friend’s or family members’ favorite sauce is and then look for that type of sauce (but a different brand). This sounds a bit off, but a lot of times hot sauce fans get into a rut, so why not help them try something new?

A few lower heat sauces we’d recommend:

A few habanero sauces we’d recommend:

A few fire-breathing sauces we’d recommend:

No real way to go wrong here and it’s a good excuse to get some spicy snacks. So, what will you be putting in yours?

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