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Hot Sauce News: March 26, 2019

So many sauces, new spicy ballpark foods and blaming spicy chips…

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Sauce News, the best in spicy, saucy and peppery news! Each Tuesday and Friday we reveal the best headlines from around the hot sauce world. If you enjoy yourself, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Vancouver Hot Sauce Haven

Vancouver Is Awesome did a great piece on a hot sauce shop in Vancouver called “The Hot Spot”. With over 200 different hot sauces to taste, their inventory is one of the most extensive we’ve seen anywhere (other than Vic Clinco’s collection). So Low Foods (owners of The Hot Spot) also offer a subscription box where you can have their best sent directly to you. We’ll definitely have to find this place the next time we head to Vancouver. The shop also apparently has ice cream ready for you in case things get too spicy to handle.

13 Hottest Instant Ramen Packets

The Takeout walks through 13 of the spiciest ramens on the market, but we’re a bit skeptical because Culley’s does not show up on the list anywhere. Nine of the 13 are from South Korea and the list is dominated by Samyang and Paldo, but if you’re looking for spicy ramen, this is a great list to keep upping the heat. As the author notes, the spiciest “delivers on its spice, while still staying far away from real contenders like a Carolina reaper or Trinidad scorpion.” Give me some of that Buldak Bokkeummyeon, which is sometimes referred to as Nuclear Spicy Noodles!

Siete Jalapeño Hot Sauce Review – Flavor Hour

If you missed it, we launched our first hot sauce review, taking a taste of the Siete Family Foods Jalapeño hot sauce. While it didn’t blow us away on flavor or heat (not the intention), it is incredibly unique in its ingredients. Watch the full video for a better idea of what to expect with the sauce.

Elementary School Vomiting Attributed Partially To Spicy Foods

In North Carolina, one elementary school had a sudden outbreak of nausea that is being attributed partially to eating “a lot of spicy chips” along with non-diluted juice concentrate. This is not the first time that adults have put spicy snacks on blast for making children sick. Suuuure, let’s blame the heat of the snack instead of the large quantity of the junk food ingested. Get that weak sauce out of here. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 4 Lyfe!

Baseball Returns, Along With Crazy Ballpark Foods

Opening Day for baseball is just around the corner and while ballpark food can be notoriously pricey, we enjoy seeing what spicy concoctions are conjured by stadiums each year. This year, as CBS writes, there is one spicy dish that stands out. The new item across the MLB that stands out for us is here in Ohio at Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians), the Fat Rooster, “A spicy fried chicken breast, marinated in Franks Hot Sauce and buttermilk, then dredged in a seasoned flour blend including habanero powder, granulated garlic, Cajun seasoning, white pepper, and Lawry Seasoning.” Sounds pretty darn good. So good in fact we may need to make a special trip up there just to get one.

Growing Tip of The Week

Dr. Ryan gives us his best growing tip for the week, all about transplanting to help let peppers grow properly without getting their roots tangled up. You can find all of those tips right here on the Fartley Farms website.

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