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Hot Sauce News: March 22, 2019

Monster Ramen from Hell, NYC Hot Sauce Expo nears and did someone make a sauce with spider venom?

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New Monster Hell Challenge – Spicy Ramen

Strings Ramen is making a splash with their new “Monster Hell Challenge,” a spicy ramen mix of ghost, scorpion, piquin, thai and Chinese Tian Jing chili peppers. Anyone who passes the Level 5 Hell Ramen Challenge (including all broth) in 20 minutes gets a $50 gift card, t-shirt and the bowl of fire they just ate for free. The Jigoku (Japanese for hell) ramen appears to be available at all Strings locations. It’s yet to be determined how similar this is to Culley’s, but it’s probably similar. Don’t worry though, it’s got scallions to cool you down. Would you eat this ramen? We’re pretty sure one of us could finish it.

Spider Bite Feeling From Hot Sauce

It’s unclear what exactly is going on here, but Steve Trim, head scientist at Venomtech, claims they’ve made a hot sauce that mimics the venom effects (muscle spasms and such) of a Trinidad chevron spider bite. Scientific Steve’s Venom Chilli Sauce claims to be as close as you can get to tasting spider venom, which is a good pitch, but the peppers in the ingredients don’t seem to be too crazy. With no Scoville rating and no high SHU peppers, we don’t buy that it can trigger muscle spasms. WE NEED MUSCLE SPASMS. To clarify, there is no venom in this sauce, although there appears to be a rumor they are making a mayo with venom in it.

Panda Express Releases Spicy New Dish

It was pointed out this week that Panda Express has released the Wok-Fired Shrimp with chipotle, fresh jalapenos, and Chiu Chow chilis. That’s about as much punch as they pack in at Panda Express and with, what Ken Hoffman says, a limited time offer, you’ll want to go snag the new entree before it disappears again.

Weeks Away From the NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Three weeks from tomorrow, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo will take place in the Brooklyn Expo Center. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s the largest hot sauce event that’s coming up, so we wanted to remind all the spice lords out there in case you’d forgotten. With events like the Spicy Pizza of DOOM Challenge and the The Bavarian Brutality of John McLaughlin’s Donut Demise, it’s definitely worth going to.

Growing Peppers: Transplanting for Space

Dr. Ryan released another helpful growing post this week about transplanting and if you’re new to the pepper growing game you should definitely check it out.

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